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Stoppers is offering increased reward for credible reports of celebratory gunfire tonight with a treaty pledging to collect ballistic evidence to trace the origin of any shots and run that evidence against the national criminal database meantime local police departments teaming up to deal with drunk drivers on this new year's eve D. W. I suspect to be taken to a precinct in cypress wood or prosecutors and a judge work to issue warrants for blood draws and medical personnel who will collect blood samples and their streamline operations into the cut in half the time needed to investigate a D. W. I. case bond raised for the Houston twenty year old accused of stabbing his great grandparents last weekend Luke Johnson will now be held on two hundred forty thousand dollars bond for aggravated assault and bringing a knife to the jail he's accused of attacking his great grandparents on Sunday during an argument his younger half brother was able to get the knife away from the suspect and throwing away the elderly couple received stitches for their injuries JJ what has been added officially the Texans active roster ahead of Saturday's first round playoff game against the bills water tore a pectoral muscle back in October returned to practice on Christmas Eve head coach bill o'brien says what is making progress just continuing to build the you know just continuing to build on what he did last week you know rap wise and you know some of the things that you would have to do relative to what is injury was you know just continuing to work to to evaluate that with him Texans host the bills on Saturday kickoff is at three thirty five from NRG stadium KTRE teams time coming up on five oh three time to check your money here's Katie are H. money man patch in brought to you by DM auto leasing dot com good evening Corey stocks closed higher the Dow industrials finishing the day up by seventy six points closing at twenty eight thousand five thirty eight S. and P. five hundred up nine the nasdaq up by twenty six points all three indices were up about.

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