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Especially new actresses when they see what they see. How could this be real. A lot of exorcists go through this kind of rude awakening as being trained on some of them have told like father thomas. The father lampard have told great stories of being trained in rome just kind of like trial by fire and the things that they see. The demons do Is you wouldn't see it and you wouldn't believe it unless you saw it a- now it just for the understanding of the listeners. There are two different kinds of Sacramental so that our ritual sacramento's and all of the liturgical right to the church are sacramental. 's in as much as their instituted by the church for for our sanctification not instituted directly by christ right so i'm talking about the liturgical rites not the sacraments But the rights that sort of encompasses sacraments and then there are Also Physical things that are sacramental. 's like crucifixes. Medals maximus metal symphonic metal. Scott bueller and You mentioned that. The exorcism itself is a sacramental meaning. It's a ritual sacramental. That also utilizes sacramento's like holy water blessed salt blessed metals and crucifixes and so forth That fair enough. That i explained that. Okay oh yeah right because the the more research On what sacramento's are that. It's such a rich complicated complex Mechanism that the church has to to give us grace's After the sacraments of course which the big sources. Yeah the the difference being that christ instituted the seven sacraments to give grace whereas the sacramento's instituted by the church. So there are still they're still efficacious but not in the same way to the same degree So the going back to how these xs know what they know. I guess it's like any any sort of craft or any sort of art an art being something which is done. You know rector also Fox deleon right. it's not just It's not just Learned like a science. So there's the scientists bag the theology they have to know but then there's the actual practicing of that art of the plying of craft or trade of being an exorcist. So i i i guess exorcists have to have shop talk like a mechanic or or or teachers in. You're a teacher. i'm a teacher. I'm sure there are times in the teachers lounge. Her wherever the teachers gathered that they trade trade secrets are young. Teachers get taken on the wing of older teachers. You know this is how you deal with problem. Students and things so the exorcists have to deal with demons And learn what works and what doesn't work so you say in the book that there was kind of a loss of this tradition with whole crisis in the church who yet Yet now there are mechanisms in exorcists sort of networking with one. Another is even international organization. I think founded by father. Gabriele are moss. Could you talk about a little bit. How they network right and like you said Father was a big There must be others. But he he really is on everybody's mind he was the most public Of one of these exorcists who preserved essentially a connection to the past so that all the wisdom was not lost but went through a big perjure big deficit of the presence of exercises throughout the world. But he kept. I think in nineteen ninety four. It was that he started that institute. yeah. International association of exorcists was one nineteen ninety-four he started at the church gave it approval in two thousand fourteen. So just just what seven years ago took on unofficial status but they have Conferences all over the world to train exorcist. To do what you were saying like shop talk. This is what i saw in an exorcism and usually led by expert exorcists because they have.

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