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Five to seven days from now. I was saying that last week but here we are But again there's probably under reporting because there's under testing in the United States but I think you have to look at the numbers from every every country and see how good the testing has been in terms of trying to figure out what the counselor I would say that. In general the number worldwide cases is probably underestimated. But I just don't know what the magnitude of that underestimation is right now right right. So what's next? What are you doing next day to day? What are you what is your current as an infectious diseases specialists What what do you do? Well we're doing a lot of planning right now because At least Wisconsin. The number of cases is a little over one hundred in the local community. We have. There's a somewhere around. I think the latest number thirty five cases in our county. We're trying to prepare for the worst by having specific protocols for hospitalized patients to make sure that we have all healthcare providers are prepared for taking care of patients that they are able to use the appropriate personal protective equipment and they have the appropriate shields and mass and and things to prevent them from getting sick while caring for the sick. We're trying to prior to rise for these negative airflow rooms in the hospital. Were trying to count intensive care unit. Beds we're trying to. They're trying to reduce the number of people there in the hospital by canceling elective surgeries. I mean there's a whole central command that's ongoing in the community here. That's part of A. It's not quite military setup but it's modeled after the military control system and the systems are in existence here in our local community to try to against ahead of what what might be. We're hoping for the best but we're planning for the worst. I would say the the right to not be. Don't get hugs again. Thank thank you for taking time out of the planning and everything to talk through this as we said before as the top of the show you can also go to the grossest plus and watch a series of lectures that take you through all infectious diseases. The history the treatments and feature reductions including the remarkably prescient final lecture recorded substantially before today. you find out about the possible culprits. I'm possible spread of future. Pandemics sure and and there may I don't want to say any final word on this year but there may be some Announcements coming from the great courses about the availability of course in the near future which. I'm sure you'll be. If it's official you'll make public with the with the podcast here. We can actually do that so we still have our thirty day. Free trial for any of our listeners. so if you go to the greatest plus slash probably you can watch all of. Dr. Fox's like just plus a you know you learn a language Do LEARN ABOUT. Why are agriculture oil poets? That you wish to discover. We've got time but in the meantime Again wants more. Thank you Dr. Barry for Professor Belt. Affair ended for joining us and taking us through this. Okay thank you. Thank you for asking me to dismay..

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