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WHO You have the the trump's there's donald there's Melania. There's Barron. Where did you hear the baron clip we have for you and There's Yvonne PGA and Don Junior all standing there and watching this being sung here. How can you go wrong at the end of your convention when you have a world famous America's the United States is probably the US is most famous opera singer serenade you with. Schubert's Ave Maria. Now I didn't even know this until I woke up this morning. And looked into the look into twitter one mistake and we'll kill you twitter. To see that Ave Maria was on the the doctor you could see Malania beaming from ear. To ear. Over this? And what a way to close. Great night already. And to strategist drive the dagger in the stake. into the demonic adrenal chrome guzzlers that despise this man so much. That now, you know why? Now, you know why? It was on display by the by. There is video out there Senator Rand Paul try and with his wife Kelly just trying to get back to their hotel room or their car to get into their their apartment or whatever they where wherever they stay in DC when Ranzan session here's video out there these days of these demons chasing the Paul's down the street. Yelling and screaming, and hollering, and threatening to the point where the DC metro cops have to surround. Senator Paul and his wife who doesn't have anything to do with any of this. And then one ANTIFA Mask Antifa Blm Wacko decides he's going to take a shot at a DC Metro Cup. Pushes into the ground. Is Anyone in the demon krant national circus really think this is the way to win hearts and minds. That you're going to win people over. By Sending your most. Violent hate filled miscreants out into the street to Salt United States senators when they're with their wives and Kelly's a small woman, she's she's tight. She's Today..

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