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So i didn't have a question here. What if what. If moebius were to go back to the same nexus event that fifteen is in currently or she's talking with sylvie would see twenty be there. She went right because they've pulled her out but but he's going back necessarily rely gone like when. You're perjured you're done. Same way when they cleanse a time line. That's not like he'll to that time line again. Assist i think it does. I think it goes back and forth through time and just races you from existence. Well deletes you at some point like the variant of low key that is our loki became variant right like he wouldn't go back and purge him from the sacred time line will no. You're you're you're right about that but the variant like from the moment that branch. Because i guess it is a branch so they when they prune it. I think that literally means like it's gone that branches gone. Like if you want to go back and see that prune branch you can it's gone. It's been through wood chipper. It doesn't exist anymore. The original branches there but the offshoots has gone like it never happened. And there's no way to like revisit. That loki or revisit. That locus time line like especially when they fire the canister that that like seals off the whole fucking thing in a in a crazy way yet lucky. He's suffering in the sift file again. In moebius comes through the portal and makes low key. Promise though what he said about them being very his real he does. And moebius trust them. I know i know which makes me think that they're like i. It wouldn't surprise me at the end of the series of locus. Still kind of bad like you like him but he's still ambiguously either an anti hero if not outright you know stylish and cool and understandable villain and his His ultimate change will happen later on. But i don't know like if you wanted to character development on singular character. hey Six episode series with their name on it might be better than four love and thunder. Where the name. Loki does not appear at all and he would like presumably be aside part of that anyway but i mean shit day. They had vision and one the fall in love in the margins of three different movies. So maybe that's exactly what they'll do. They kind of cultivated this shit into us as an audience. That like we're like oh yeah. Yeah it's it's cool to get free minutes of character development of our of our reporting characters every three years. Yeah we can track that. We can totally track that. And if we can't guess what disney will make a legends packages three minutes long. That'll put all those sequences together so that we will sure so. Yeah he tells loki. Hey you're right about being us being very instant you've got to trust me if you wanna save selvi so they exit through the portal. They find rivonia and some guards waiting for them and then mobis realizes we're fucked so he tells her that you know. He hopes he a jet ski and previous life and then she hasn't pruned. Vobis gone then she goes see sylvie and realizes that beef has been compromised too so she puts on alert for her. This is where my oh boy. They're killing off the big stars so they won't have to pay the big bucks. Next season.

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