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Finn Ballard, Bray, AJ discussed on Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast - Bonus SOW - AJ STYLES & KURT ANGLE REPLACE ROMAN & BRAY AT TLC


So now now he's got this moment where he gets a match with aj styles two of the best wrestlers on the planet going one on one at t l c and i think both those guys are going to realize that had something to take advantage of okay so fim valor now has a match where not that many people cared about it before now everybody cares about it where it's a match we've seen before now it has the potential to be the best match certainly on the paper view if not the best match of the year end there is no doubt in my mind the demon finn ballard is going to beat aj styles that way better than beating bray why it i really think that the demon is going to be a j styles and i think he should i think did aj is at a place where he can afford the loss if he loses he'll be able to bounce back and he'll still be the best thing on smack down if not on the whole roster if thin bali loses to aj styles i think a lot of people start to really lose faith infant down i don't think he can do a loss right now uh and and it's a raw payperview you know coming off that payperview on monday we want finn ballard to look strong on raw we'll figure out aj on tuesday you know we did this we we did the the roman reigns and an an bray wyatt substitutes within forty eight hours at will figure we got forty eight hours to figure out aj styles after the payperview that's not going to be a problem we don't even have to mention we don't we can get to smack down and we don't even have to mention the demon match if we don't want to get as a whole separate thing going on over here.

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