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By Dr Richard Klein at the Michigan Head and Neck Institute. I'm Todd Chapman for John MacCulloch. John very graciously lent me his microphone for this afternoon special edition of the John MacCulloch Show. We're calling it hope in the midst of the pandemic. And I'm with an organization called Food for the Poor. We have been very blessed and fortunate to be able to partner with Salem, Detroit Patriots and also the sister station. Faith Talk Detroit for a number of years now. And inviting you to do a lot of good in the world. You know, all sorts of different ways. Feeding starving kids is what we're talking about today because Kobe 19 has created a a global food crisis, the food distribution system. The ability for people in the poorest countries in the world to access food to go out and work their jobs, which typically, you know Yield very little by way of pay, but it's better than nothing and it's all they have. They're not able to go out and work their little plot of land. Go to the market because of quarantine, social isolating and so the long and short of it is that people in the poorest countries of the world those who were already most of risk now because of covert 19 there at even greater risk than ever before. Food for the poor. On the front lines of that battle. And thanks to generous folks like you We have the ability to stop Children from starving because of Kobe 19. But only if you help Incredibly $37.6 months of life saving food for one child were asking the question. How many kids could you rescue tonight came in with a list of 25 Children that we have identified as being very, very vulnerable in a particular community. Where we're working, and we've kind of earmark them for.

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