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Moving onto the dysfunction going on with the Jaguars. And if you were paying attention at all this weekend, you saw a benched starter who they just gave fifty million dollars to last year and a locker room that was coming to blows almost at the end of the game here is how ESPN Jaguars reporter, Michael Dirac. Oh, described the brawl or the near-brawl on football frenzy. This weekend. Thank you. That one that will be Jalen Ramsey we're looking for Dirac. Oh, Dirac. Oh, there's a lot of frustration right now. They've lost in a row as you can tell in the offenses stunk the last three weeks and frustrations boiled over and guys were yelling at each other. Now I was told it was not an offense versus defense finger-pointing thing just guys were generally pissed off at everybody in themselves and they started yelling at each other. Yes, that's the question that we had fits right when we're hearing about reporters, getting a peek back in and seeing collapse Campbell, holding the guy back. Another defensive player is this defense versus offense, and you would like to think so, right? Blake, Bortles ruining everything. And this great Jaguars defense is disappointed, but it hasn't been a great Jaguars for taking him up seventy points in the two games before this. They're are not the team that we thought they were. And when the offense is dysfunctional as it is, it looks like both sides are just kind of crumbling under not being able to live up to the expectations they had after last year and who fixes that. I mean that ultimately, when you look at this piece when. The leaders, the people that really drive the Jags have been the defensive side of the ball. It's never been Blake, Blake, Blake. Bortles has never been the guy that comes in and sort of charges the team one way or the other that has belonged to the Callejas Campbell's and Jalen Ramsey's of the world that that piece of responsibility his belong to them. So you're talking about a team right now whose identity has been, we're going to run the football and we're gonna play great defense. And so far this year given that Lennon for net's been injured, they haven't been able to run the football the way they usually do, and the defense hasn't been able to do with the defense usually does. So now it's team without identity and nobody out there that's actually going to come in and fix that piece of the problem. And the problem is that it feels like the media is very willing to blame this on the offense and on Blake Bortles being a guy that they should not have invested in, but the defense maybe not not getting enough attention for doing a ton more zone this year, not getting to the quarterback, not trusting their secondary to be able to put the pressure on the opposing team's quarterback and sit back and let their secondary take all that work. And that that may be them looking and saying our Cornerbacks or are secondary, has lost a step and we can't afford to put so many guys up front now, but whatever the reason they're playing a lot more zone, they're not able to match up with opposing teams the way they have in the past. That's Ben sort of the reason for their greatness on the defensive end is, is their ability to put so much pressure on opposing teams. They aren't doing that. They're sitting back and letting their defense get picked apart every week. So if we're knowledge in the Blake Bortles side and we're maybe not giving enough credence to how much the defense has fallen off you end up with Jalen Ramsey who gives a couple of different quotes about, I don't really know what's happening. We don't know what's wrong, but we gotta fix it. And then finally, Jaguars cornerback just starts getting honest. And here's what he said about locker room frustration. Yeah, y'all walking here Yossi how it isn't here..

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