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And we finish this broker i'm with our series on speeches melania trump made headlines last year when she read delivered hold chong saw michelle obama's addressed to democrats in two thousand eight bus she's not the only figure to have copied someone else's home work here is monaco's contributing editor andrew moolah when accusations of plagiarism in popular song reach the courts it is telling that these are almost invariably about the lifting of music rather than the pooling of lyrics music is a finite resource they really being only so many ways one can arrange three major codes and minor and so it's easy to see how duplications can occur even by accident woods however are more or less limitless restricted only by vocabulary and our command of language the plagiarism of speeches is one of those coins which confounds understanding like the theft of sting albums but happen it does can i were raised with so many of the same values hates let me the values you work hard for what you want in life that you worked side provide you wanting life that your word is there bonn did yo laws that you treat people with dignity and respect that your seats people will be back in 2016 when the idea of a gun show host stunned his pouting assistant becoming me next tenants of the white house seemed like something we could afford the law fast malania trump addressed opening night of the republican national convention eagle is listening spotted remarkable similarities to a speech given by the previous supplicant for the position of first lady michelle obama in two thousand tonight.

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