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Espy nation and believing green nation. It's a great data talk football. That is eagles football. Of course in. I'm your host racial prevent getting you hip very quick to what's happening. I think it's only right that we start with the most important eagles week to preseason storyline. That is jalen hurts. I mean you guys knew was coming literally just minutes. After kick-off the eagles tweeted out letting us know that they scratch jalen hurts from the lineup. Because he was not feeling well he was having stomach pain. The tweet say participation. Up deep quarterback jalen hurts will not be playing tonight due to an illness and therefore veteran backup quarterback. Joe flacco started. This came as a huge surprise to. I think everybody including myself because jalen hurts was literally seen holy dress warming up dancing having a goal. Time during pre-game warmup so things just didn't really add up in my opinion. I'm not gonna lie when i first heard the news. I was extremely confused and there were so many questions running through my mind. There had been so much talk about. How jalen hearse was the best looking quarterback in the practices with the patriots in the eagles earlier that week everybody was saying that he looked away. Better than cam. Newton in mack jones. So i was looking forward to seeing that and also looking forward to seeing him get more reps with devante smith especially because we know that he's most likely not gonna play in the preseason week three game. So it was definitely a bummer. It was later announced. their jalen. Hearses illness was not covert nineteen related. So that's a plus but fast forward to the end of the game. Nick serianni was speaking with the media and he told reporters that hurts was not feeling well in was actually sent to the hospital. Here's exactly what nick serianni said. He he came in. He wasn't feeling great when he came in. And so we put them through pre game warm ups and he wanted to go out there and and and go through pre game warm warmups and you know he stayed. He came back and he still wasn't feeling good. And we We evaluated them We we just decided that it wasn't in his best interest To play with what he was feeling. And yeah he's we we evaluated him. he's he's fine now he's doing okay now but That's what that's why we held them up he He actually went. She went to the hospital. Get evaluated For for a stomach and said They came back. Everything's good and He's gonna be okay. Adam schefter also tweeted out. That jalen hurts was sent to a philadelphia hospital. He was diagnosed with a stomach infection in he was told to stay home for at least two days to arrests. So they say that his a cove in nineteen tests came back negative. So that's a really good and I mean it's not the news we wanna hear over. Just gonna hope for a speedy recovery for jalen hers and hope that he is all good to go. Come league one. I think is also important to mention that as soon as the eagles scratched jalen hurts. They also sat down a good number of their starters including darius slay in jason kelsey brennan brogues lane johnson Brandon graham joshua. Inflex your cox after missing a few weeks due to eight knee injury rookie wide receiver. Devante smith made his. Nfl preseason debut and he got his very first preseason catch as an ego. it was a nine yard reception from joe flacco. He was targeted four times. He had two receptions for nineteen yards even though he did have a few drops and he got some praise on twitter from chad. Ocho cinco johnson. The tweet said y'all acting see devante. Smith off the line of got de scrimmage holy pigeon s that mo fo gumby nice so it was nice to see devante smith getting some love and i honestly think busying devante smith get to play for the first time was the silver lining of the night like i mentioned earlier. Joe flacco started at quarterback after the incident with deal and hurts. He played the entire first half in through for eighty three yards. Now things got off to a really rough start when the backup center. Nate herbie his snap way over. Joe flacco head in a resulted in a fumble. It was recovered by new england's quarterback jalen meals at the philadelphia nine yard line. The patriots took advantage and create an opportunity with the eagles turnover. They were able to get points on the board early seven two zero and then joe flacco forced a to jalen regular right before halftime. It was bad at in intercepted by the patriots. So not the best night for joe flacco the second week in a row. The eagles defense did not look very good. So another major concern but shoutout to linebackers day edwards in alex. Singleton for holding you down. Alex singleton was all over the field on thursday night. He ended up with seven tackles and edwards. Also finish with a handful of tackles chapels as well. Also tim mention the air eric. Ruthin finished with four tackles so now onto injury updates titan. Jason croom is out with a d. injury and nfl network's ian rapoport tweeted out that the eagles tight end is fear to have suffered a season ending knee. Injury in thursday's nights preseason game against the patriots so not looking too good for the eagles. Losing a another tight end with tyrod jackson already been hurt. Not leaving too many healthy titan options for the eagles safety.

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