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And so the idea this is being treated as an act of terrorism going forward And a lot of people felt that was the case But federal prosecutor now is going to have to really work very hard over the next several days to fill in the gaps Answer some of the questions about the and the idea this is going to take weeks and months That's really weeks and months to build the case that they can then take this individual to trial But in reality it's over They have no sense that he was working in conjunction with anybody else And so this is now effectively building a case that we are going to see he's been apprehended Absolutely I think we all a sigh of relief there What's the biggest question you have or you would have certainly for him at this point That's a idea of what was his overall intention We saw some of his actions but was that all he was intending to do for example he had other incendiary devices in that bag What was the intended to do with those He had several more clips of those extended magazines with 30 rounds in each magazine In some respects that may have caused the second magazine to jam because he shot the first 30 shots are so fast that the weapon basically the second clip went in effectively competed in GM to commissioner value We only have about 30 seconds left with you So I want to make sure to get this question How important is it that the MTA makes sure they have functioning cameras throughout New York City's transportation system Functioning cameras that can also be shared with the law enforcement authorities that these cameras are great but if they're not able to basically and sense the worked with every other canvas system in the law enforcement has it functionality is limited to strictly operational aspects and not law enforcement aspects All right we're going to leave it on that note Commissioner Bratton thank you so much Really appreciate your time Of course former New York Police department police commissioner Bill Bratton holding senior positions again as we mentioned in New York of course Boston and Los Angeles as well And we appreciate him joining us via Zoom executive chairman by the way of risk adviser at teneo We've often spoken with him ahead of the Super Bowl when it comes to security and risk concerns So this is certainly top of mind and something he knows an awful lot about A really great to get commissioner Brad's thoughts on everything that's happened in the last 36 hours Let's now go to Charlie pellet who's got an update of what's going on in after hours Hey Charlie Well hello there and we do have stocks advancing today the Dow the S&P nesta all rallied tech companies led the way higher bond traders pairing aggressive bets on fed hikes amid speculation that inflation may be near a peak Investors are also weighing the start of the earnings season case in point JPMorgan Chase They reported earnings this morning chairs fell by 3.2% Tomorrow morning we hear from Citigroup shares lower today by four tenths of 1% Wells Fargo checks in tomorrow morning up to date by three tenths of 1% Delta also out with earnings this morning delta shares rallying by 6.2% Tech companies as I mentioned led the gains in stocks today S&P halting a three day drop S&P up 49 up 1.1% the doubt they have 344 up 1% as stack up 272 up by 2% to leading the way higher ten year yield 2.69% Allows for what's driving sound of it rich Weiss chief investment officer of multi asset strategies that American century investments He was our guest right here on Bloomberg businessweek Today's movement obviously we had a little break in interest rates and as we all know growth stocks fare better when we're interest rates move lower at least that's been the major driver for the last year or two Lower interest rates higher basically growth outperformance value and it's good for the market But I think that's short lived And again ten year yield 2.69% spot gold up 5 tenths of 1% 1977 the ounce West Texas Nvidia crude one O four 33 a barrel up 3.7% Briefly Google says it's going to be investing 9 and a half $1 billion in offices and data centers in the U.S. this year putting money behind its bid to get more workers back in its buildings Today we saw alphabet parent of Google up by one and a half percent I'm Charlie palace than that is a Bloomberg business flash All right Charlie Thank you so much Charlie palette with an update on the trade today and top business stories Well the New York international auto show it is back this week kicking off on Friday shut down like so much over the past two years because of the COVID pandemic and we caught up with the CEO of Lamborghini yesterday Stefan vincom and we talked about the show and what's going on in the industry with another guest to talk about more broadly what's at the show and what's going on Yeah we're really excited to be joined by Michael musio video manager for Cox automotive and Kelly blue book He's with us in the Bloomberg interactive broker studio Micah good to have you with us Welcome to Bloomberg business week You did get a chance to make your way through the javits center and check out the car show.

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