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Good evening. I'm kin Duffy that top local stories We're following this hour. Maryland Governor Larry Hogan turning up the heat on school. See it cracking on reopening plans this year, telling all districts to get some in person instruction going by March, the governor says many kids have suffered academically and mentally during the covert crisis, and national and state data indicate that school re openings do not. Increased community spread. Or contribute to increase hospitalization rates. Hogan says he can't order schools to reopen that power rests with school boards, but I want to make it perfectly clear. I will do everything I possibly can do within the law. To push to get all of Maryland's Children back into the classrooms. Michelle Bash w T O P News, but the Maryland teachers Union denies it is blocking returned to the classroom. Cheryl Post, president of the Maryland State Education Association, said Governor Larry Hogan's not correct when he suggests that teachers have placed endless roadblocks in the way of opening schools. As soon as we heard about the vaccine, we advocated to make sure that our educators To be prioritized so we could open schools sooner. Most also said that teachers in school boards have worked to come up with plans to open safely as to Hogan's statement that he'd look at whatever legal means he could to getting school boards, which are independent bodies. Toe open by March, 1st Post says that's not collaborative. That's not going to get results and as educators, we know it's about relationships and collaboration. Not threats. Can't Brian w. T O P NEWS 11 05 switching gears? Let's talk about the covert. 19 vaccine vaccination efforts and the struggles to meet demand Montgomery County's up to their necks in appointment filings, with few doses available as seniors begin to pre register. Montgomery County is not finished vaccinating health care workers yet, but his pre registering some seniors to possibly start getting their shots early next week. County Executive Mark Eldritch vaccinate more than the 19,000 people a week that we're currently vaccinating more than 68,000. Seniors, ages 75 up. Pre registered for Phase one b Tier one of the state's vaccine plan. So far, the problem is availability. The county says They only receive 7301st doses this week, County health officer Dr Travis Gales as we get them, we are putting them out there. But we have a long way to go at a hearing earlier this week, it was estimated there were up to 20,000 health care Workers Still needing shots, Valerie Bonked w T O P. News, D C. Mayor Bowser basically saying they're going through the same thing. The numbers make it clear that we're getting on the doses out. Ah, our systems to get some are working, but we simply don't have enough vaccine to meet the demand in our city from now on. Vaccination appointments will be made available each Thursday to those who qualify and certain ZIP codes getting top priority each Friday, D. C. Will release citywide appointments more than 700 will be coming tomorrow for those 65 older and for health care workers, but they fill up fast and beginning next.

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