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Mickey Ferguson's got good news for us over fox six what's happening making is really looking good and feeling fantastic those little humidity levels going to take us all the way through the weekend and that includes today with highs in the mid eighties with mostly sunny skies will be breezy out there but feeling great tomorrow morning and into S. Sunday morning we're into the low to mid sixties highs this weekend a little warmer into the upper eighties sunshine tomorrow a few more clouds by Sunday from the WBRC first alert weather center I'm Mickey Ferguson for Alabama's morning news at right now plenty of sunshine low humidity I mean it is perfect this morning sixty four news radio one of five five WBRC telling the T. J. Martell foundation in the fight against leukemia cancer and aids your support helps facilitate cutting edge research that will lead to more effective treatments and save more lives visit TJ Martel dot org to learn how you can help seven twenty five it is Alabama's morning news I'm JT and Jordan now coach Tommy Tuberville who is leading in the polls still it looks like he's probably going to win the runoff but you just never know about polling numbers but coach recently on Air Force One with the president a thanks for being back in good to hear from you thank you day to day or from day yesterday out everybody every American citizen I'll be able to look at that point it is unbelievable.

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