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Correspondent Steve Dorsey more drama in the Brexit. Saga Friday, Prime Minister, Theresa May's Brexit deal defeated again, this government will continue to press the case for the orderly Brexit that the result of the referendum. There's nothing orderly about this process. British lawmakers have now voted down every single possible Brexit scenario and the new Brexit deadline is two weeks away. Vicki Barker CBS news, London New challenges for Afghanistan. Even if a peace deal is reached with the Taliban more from our Cami McCormick at the Pentagon and a report to congress the special inspector general for Afghanistan, reconstruction says even if the war with the Taliban ends it will be difficult to stabilize the country after so many years of conflict reintegrating, the Taliban into the population would be one challenge sixty thousand Taliban fighters would be left looking for income and a weak economy and women's rights issues. Haven't been clearly addressed there's also the fact that other militant groups exist in the country like Islamic state. The government says it's cracking down on telemarketers. And robo, callers, but a new Wall Street Journal reports is Sam doesn't have much to show for it. That report says the FCC has fide violators. Well over two. Two hundred million dollars two thousand fifteen but the Wall Street Journal says it's only collected about seven thousand dollars the fines of total one and a half billion dollars since two thousand four but less than ten percent of that money is come in. The FCC says the Justice department is actually responsible for collecting those fines and can settle or drop cases. Justice has no comment. Peter King CBS news New York is now suing the billionaire family behind the company Purdue pharma that makes Oxycontin they're accused of ignoring patient safety in search of prophets. They settled a similar case in Oklahoma. Here's correspondent Tony dokoupil. This begins a new chapter for those struggling with addiction. Oklahoma attorney general Mike hunter declared Monday settlement a victory despite telling us last year, he planned to take the case all the way to trial confidence in our laws. I've confidence in a jury of Oklahoma's for some people affected by the the settlement felt like a setback. This was expected to be the first lawsuit. Of its kind against Purdue pharma to go to trial and even be televised. I almost lost my life because of parties greed, Ryan Hampton, says his own addiction to opioids started with a single prescription for a leg injury in two thousand and three Perdue is being spared being transparent and open. And that is exactly what needs to happen. More than fifteen hundred additional cities and states have filed similar and still active lawsuits against Purdue alleging that it aggressively marketed Oxycontin and downplayed its dangers in some cases members of the Sackler family, which owns the company are named as co-defendants including a Massachusetts lawsuit, alleging the family has made more than four billion in profits. Since two thousand seven alone two hundred seventy million dollars that is pennies to what we should have been getting a majority of the settlement two hundred million. We'll go to build a National Center for addiction studies and treatment at Oklahoma state university in Tulsa in a statement, current produc-, yo Craig Landau calls the Oklahoma settlement. In extension of our commitment to help drive solutions to the opioid addiction crisis. Ryan Hampton sees a different path to Justice not only should we be getting tens of billions of dollars members of the Sackler families should be sitting in jail. Tony dokoupil. Reporting on Wednesday. President Trump awarded the medal of honor to a soldier who died protecting others in Iraq. Here's Pentagon correspondent David Martin with the story. It was the first of June twelve years ago that sergeant Travis Atkins called from Iraq to tell his parents. He was about to take his men out on a mission. He did say that he was sorry. He had forgotten to get something in the mail for me for mother's day. Just hours later army officers arrived to tell them their son was dead after we spoke to the chaplain. I went to the mailbox, and there was a little package from Travis with a mother's day card for me and a Father's Day card for. Jack. Card said, thanks for everything. And. It just. Right at home. It was meant to save our lives. It was only when they met was sandy ho and other soldiers in Atkins unit that they found out how he died. Yeah. Definitely sacrificed himself. So that we could live Heyhoe was the machine gunner in their humvee. And he watched as Atkins end the teams medic got out to search to men they suspected of planting roadside bombs. That's when Travis started to actually engage in a form of hand to hand combat with this man, Travis bear hug the man lifted him up off the ground and slammed him down. A who didn't realize it yet? But demand had pulled the pin on a grenade to detonate a suicide vest. Atkins was wrestling himself into position to shield his men from the blast. You were there. Your life today? Yes, sir. What does it mean to you? When you found out that he was going to receive the medal. It was good to see that. There was a grateful nation that that were as thankful as I was for the sacrifice. He made for me and others whose father Vietnam vet says none of that surprise him because he had talked to his son about being a soldier. We talked about the responsibility of what you owe people who are serving under you what you need to do to protect them. The medal was presented to Atkinson. Trevor Oliver who was ten when his father does it is. Of course, this nation's highest honor. But perhaps not Travis Atkins greatest achievement to real reward. Is what you're men think of you that was on full display.

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