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It's a very powerful tool back to your app. Yes, what are some of the fun, things that I gotta find out through this genetic testing. They will let you know about lactose intolerance. If you can tolerate dairy. There's a particular protein. I believe it is that's dairy that we as humans just were. Born to absorb, we'll some of us are generic have evolved, and we can absorb lactose and others. Just can't. And there are certain races that have more issues with lactose intolerance than others. That's right. And what's fun on this app is when you click on it, they will give you a background and then they'll give you information on where you can find out more and they will tell you which, gene, it is where it exists on your genetic code and understanding your result. Why you might not process lactose over why you would that's fun. That's one of them BMI indication would be, whether you store more fat or less fat again. They will give you your genetic code where it exists where you can find it and why they gave you that result. I'm looking at pairs of jeans. Let me ask favorite pair of jeans? I thought they were blue jeans, but maybe not vitamin DS important understand, again, your ancestry, saturated fat, whether you can take on the butter or whether you should stay away from it, and they will continue to add more and more of these areas that help you. I understand how to live with healthy lifestyle, and feel better for you want to understand yourself, better. Here's one great way to do it. And it doesn't cost a darn thing genetic testing to twenty five thousand southern Nevada are going, very quickly free genetic testing otherwise would cost hundreds of dollars and finding all this cool stuff out about yourself. How do people get involved? Go to healthy envy dot org to sign up grabbing appointment at one of three locations. We have in Las Vegas, again blue diamond in the south Rancho in about mid Las Vegas. I'm new to Las Vegas in the Netco district. And then all the way north at centennial UMC.

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