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My son was that you speak Cockney Guy I don't speak and then you put your knee right top special fish usually cox you start off with you wanNA hurts Dona pert. Donate your punch him in the arm. You speak a Cockney me right. Finds the difference male and female crowning achievement. uh-huh hey fuck and if you have to the capital of Thailand I mean. We're that's a well travelled road. It's a long way to get their this is. It's better. Put your Nina Guys Kashmiris to hit anyone touch you know like Murray had oh I thought was a gay line and one of the songs. Put me in coach. Sounds like a little boy want. I'm rounding third. It's very sexual about what's happening and put me in coach. I'm ready to play a little bit perverted to me. A little PEDOPHILIAC. The one that always bothered me is when Bruce springsteen would Sing the glory days. The boring story I and he talked about the glory days and he talked about the soda. He'd throw that speed ball fava's yeah it's called a fastball drugs. Belushi remixing a cocaine. That bothered me. I wish it was those weird thing because it's like oh I it makes me think you don't know about has it. He doesn't he doesn't know how to throw a fastball. On the amount of the Yankee stadium like Barack Obama a fifty cent and watch them throw a ball. It's comical hitter that speed Bob. I always wonder always always my thing. I'm most concerned about in life to assign wonder like when you're laying it down. You know like if I was doing that and anyone anyone I collaborated with with razor. Go to that you said speed. Yeah I sit really fast. Fast Ball fastball. Just heard it the same thing and it wouldn't always like how come no one raises their hand for petrified. Guess of the boss. Yeah I WANNA say speed ball fuck beautiful exactly all right. Aj Benza. Fame is a bitch every Monday Wednesday Friday on podcast. One you sign up for Patriot and get podcast. Every every day a jailbreak sound scandals tragedies of Hollywood and check out his column every week and Star magazine and shoot shoot them a tweet at AJ. Benza really J Benza. Oh sorry real find me at real. Aj Benza just raised Hansen really Aw You ASSHOLE NOT TACO bell material may stand up special. It's available at chassis and I tunes Amazon. Please go and enjoy that tonight tomorrow night. Bray Improv they're doing two shows. Friday two shows Saturday. Why should I work every weekend drew? Why shouldn't use only fair and for all the live shows? Drew Got Dot Com family. Is there also the your doctor Dr at Your House and say hi to Charlie Kirk New podcasts. At podcast one up next time I'm calling for a J Benza and Act San Mahala..

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