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A little bit of a stretch their tea on a mother song? Mamma Cow! It works. Rolling stones come out with their list of 100 best sitcoms of all time. It's not your list, so we know the list is wrong. So back to what you have on the list Best Sis calms ever. Ron says he can't believe nobody's mentioned. Cheers. No Well, A lot of people have mentioned top of my last year's Jim family ties. Welcome back, Kotter. That's the first one of Connor and out hot It was Connor was funny. All of the family cheers and mash. Bob and Becky. Love Bob and Becky. And here's just one reason why, Because their little topic thing you know where you put in the subject matter. Yeah. Situation comedies When one full bore. They loved Superman in the fifties. Oh, okay. I guess it was pretty cheesy. I everybody didn't really quality was northern exposure of comedy. Yeah. Would you consider Dukes of Hazzard? A comedy? No. Gosh, no. The king of the hill. That's from all of those air from Travis. Jeff last man standing with Tim Allen have not seen that but home improvement would Kem Alan was pretty damn funny. Must have had that tool girl. Whatever her 90 was. Let's see here. Gilbert Hogan's Heroes. Definitely a sitcom. Bad idea, but good sick. I've it was like, Yeah, you know. Then once you found out later in life that what's his name? Bob Crane was some kind of Ah, freak. Yeah, the world. We'll just leave it at freak on Mary Jane. Here we go again. I told you it's women, Mary Jane, Golden girls and friends, But it's okay. It's okay. Mash. I love Lucy family guy and then specify that she loves Stewie. Well, who doesn't then Golden girls, Fred Barney Miller. Grand nanny. I couldn't I don't know if they knew that I couldn't get past her voice. The voice. Yeah, keeping up appearances don't know what that is. Does anyone No. Okay. Seinfeld and be Wicht. Which qualified is a sitcom. Not not real funny. I mean, yeah. Yeah. Well, thank you, Mary Jane. Appreciate your participation..

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