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Up in a huge way care roy hayward i wish i wish we knew his middle name get her. That's hold on names anyway. Remember tough. But i just think i think conners very important in this game but i'm going to it all right dave. Jalen simmons is out correct. I was gonna talk about that. I said well. It's cameron phillips hayward philips philips got it okay so jalen samuels. They're going to be carrying just to know next now. Now now because they you forget they have four empty roster spots right now not only that they can bring these guys up from the practice squad and whenever these guys come back off the list they can go back on the practice squad without having to go through waivers and it doesn't count as one of those elevated dimes where you only get two of them. I can i if you wanna place a safe bet on this game. Bet that window small woods going to be on the steelers roster for this game. He's come and that would be three and it'll carry three but still i look at this and i. I'm more confident with the defensive line depth because they had to do it already not necessarily for two. But they fill in for our wallow They do a nice job. Rotating players in there So even carlos davis has gotten time warmly back at a at the perfect time in. Then mondo is there. I i like their deaf defensively. Benny snell is someone that played well last year last year in week. Seventeen at a pretty good start to the twenty twenty season in new york had a big run and everyone was thinking up. Here is this time. And he sort of fumbling the football. I'm not sure any. Mike tomlin said on sunday when he has asked about benny snell he said i have no concerns about benny snell being a feature back in the nfl. But i'm curious. Are they gonna try to mix in a lot of mcfarland. I think the james conner is loss is bigger than people realize. I said this on my. Let's ride and i'll say it here to the let's ride. That will run on monday morning. That is if i think. If anthony macfarlane could go the way of milwaukee more really work on blitz pick up. He would be the perfect. They're down back his ability to get out in space. Is he agrees. Good catching the football. He is a lot of speed. i think he'd be perfect in that role but he's not there yet. Go ahead dave. Okay this is. This is kind of going to be. What's up going into this article for tomorrow or today. If you're listening to nadia perform when it comes to the running back the most concerning thing that i have is is pass blocking. That's one and two. The thing with benny snell has benny snell is your line up. I say i formation with data. But he's he's you're under center. Let the law offensive line. Fire out and push everyone forward running back. The problem is that's not the way they've been running the ball with ben rothlisberger. That's why you haven't seen as much benny snell. But that's the way they will run the ball if they have a big lead. They're just trying to run out clock and that's when beni shmelts. Benny snell will be more effective. So that's my biggest concern but the other reason like the loss of honor isn't as much i'm thinking is that if they have problems with either pass protection or just running the ball general. They're just gonna go four wide receivers and tight end and throw quick passes that i think the offense will work around that more since that was also the answer they had against baltimore last time. I often would work around that more than they can say we need. Someone stuffing up the middle on defense. Now i think worm lee is going to be the guy that fills in for to it in base. But i think when they go some package. You're gonna see all wallace steinfield. More your pride. You're probably right and i will always done that. His entire tenure so he's very comfortable in that role a real quick. I wanna get this. Because he gave it to his donation. A little bit of their snowman gives us five dollars. It can you guys start calling the ravens. The radford's let's go see his. Yes that's right. We've had way too many ravens comments here today. We need to get back to call him. Drivers by the way my Second oldest daughter. She said the other day. I called them the rappers. Why are you calling rappers ravens. Like a flying rat. So that's basically that's basically so very intelligent animal still all right Guys what else peaks your interest about this. This game is never going to happen. That we're just gonna keep talking about forever odd. Seems like brian. Is there anything in particular that you like. This is something that fans should be concerned with. Is there anything at all you know. I think both teams are going to be so fired up for this game that we are. We don't even know what to expect in this game with. Just i mean hoping to get to forty eight hours from now. And that's it. We're we're hoping to get to gain time. And so it is going to be like. I said before the ravens are gonna come in feeling like survivors. They're gonna they're gonna feel like they're taking on the world and the steelers are going to have a chip on their shoulder to. It's just comes down to really. Who was the better team coming into this game. And that's that's really what you've you've got to think about so somebody mentioned earlier that when i mentioned that i'm afraid of the ravens a little bit in this game and somebody asked batter you living in your fears. I'm a time share in my fears. I really because anything can happen. I was never this anxious. But i've seen the ravens come in. I was at the ryan mallett game. I know dave was too. I was at that game. You see stuff happened. And they are still coming in. I know there are jv team. But they scare me. And i think you said before to jeff. They're going to pull out all the gadgets and they're going to go crazy if the steelers are the team we think they are. They're going to be fine. Is you throw out everybody. That's.

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