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To. Me Let's time. Hi Welcome and and you had just brought up I on a Presley which I was glad because I wanNA get back to this question you asked about, is it important to consider race in representation in our in our representative in the elections and I also want to bring up gender? So is it important to consider race gender? Bring this up I, bring this up as an Italian Americans I really like Marty Walsh I liked his Mike Capsule Lonzo I'm telling you. I am so ready to vote for Michelle blue and I was so excited about a Yana Presley I've been volunteering for her ever before she was elected since she's been elected. I feel that. Walsh and Mike. Catalano you. Are, smart men they're great leaders but you know there are a lot of smart women leaders and a lot of leaders of color who are brilliant court talented and so far. We've only given the opportunity to lead in Boston to the white men and. Especially feel that for a city like Boston, which I'm so proud to live in if we don't have representation that looks like our city. It is really It's really problematic and I will give you the example of Hyde Park. When the last mayor who lived in hiding. Mayor for quite a long time there was no affordable housing developed in Hyde Park during that whole time and you can check me on that But that is a problem that is really a problem and I think that we have to think about the ways in which if we don't have a broader more diverse representation no matter how good the leader is he is having pressure put on him by his neighbor. that's a real factor, and so it's not just rent control. We have to think about all the tools in our toolbox affordable housing I've lived in Boston my whole adult life. I was in my late forties prior to buy my first time, it happened was in his fifties. We've got to do something for people I none of the young people I know can live in Boston unless they're living with their parents. My kids moved away you know and that's a-. That's what we want that. You can only live here. If you're a twenty year old making six figure salary all the public servants although you know, all the people who are working nonprofit are going to be pushed out. You don't me I should question because I thought that high park. Which is which is Hard to get to one thing about high park but I felt high park still had reasonably. Priced housing. One of the few places in Boston hasn't gone through it's called. It's called Gateway neighborhood and I'll play something interesting when we were given a matt by the realtor when we were looking to about where we could afford. It was a color coded map and there was, I, think Salem and Hyde Park and Quincy we're about it for us and we're like, okay. But you know we've lived in we lived in Roslindale JP all sin You know we raised our kids in an apartment if it. If you want to live here, but you know neither my. Were both You know not working at Google all my husband and I. and we have student loans. So just all these pressure that are are are not because someone has a gambling habit but just because they did things like they went to college on, they're not working in a six figure job. Now, not glued you from home ship if if you're to to a couple with each having. That was a hell of a cold but thank you for making. That was really something. Thanks. Eight, seven, seven, three, zero, one. Eight hundred,.

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