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Wherever you get podcasts. This is on the media. I'm Brooke gladstone, and this is the conclusion of our excerpts from dead end, a New Jersey political murder mystery. Here's the host of the podcast Nancy Solomon. Jeff pellets is an investigative reporter who has been watching the political players in south Jersey for decades. Together, we spent months digging into the documents left on the Sheridan, dining room table. They detail a dispute over the sale of L three. The building on the campton waterfront. Cooper's ferry partnership had a contract to buy it at a very good price. But George norcross and his brother Phil informed the leaders of the nonprofit that they wanted to choose, who would buy the property. That led to a series of emails where the nonprofit asked John Sheridan for his help. What happened then in the subsequent months according to these documents is Cooper's ferry did everything they possibly could to fight off George Nord crosses. Aligned companies from taking it over. As Jeff pellets and I dug into the documents, we could see it all came to a head in April 2014. A memo in John Sheridan's handwriting details a call with the two top guys at Cooper's ferry partnership. The local nonprofit developer, they'd had a meeting with Phil norcross, and were asking for Sheridan's help. If you're looking for the fingerprints of the party boss, George norcross, this memo pretty much has it on here, the Cooper's ferry people, these executives are telling Sean Sheridan Phil says we're persona non grata. Then he says, they have to get out of the real estate business. So basically, you have, according to this document, you have Phil norcross George norcross telling the chief nonprofit developer in town, you can't be in the real estate business. I recently sent letters to George and Phil norcross, and asked them whether they said the Cooper's very executives would be persona non grata. And if they did, what did they mean? They didn't address that question. These guys have no official position, but this is evidence. Of some nature that they want to control. What happens in this town? And that they are controlling what happened in this town. So that leads to really only a week or two later. John Sheridan has a meeting at Parker McKay, the law office of Phil norcross. This is about what time this is now. This is now may 5th 2014. 2014. At 12 O 7 p.m. I happen to know. Because it has because he put his visitor sticker from Parker McKay on top of the envelope where he had scribbled notes.

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