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WHO's an active crypt I try to Consider using the the tape into faces. Spa As opposed to the you know the interface that you see on every other exchange. Yeah No. It's a great question. Continue something around one particular order type that we're sort of doing a lot of fun on in competitions and trading games around and we've called it the bracket competitions and it's It's a TUB and if you're if you're an individual trader right now you would and mental processes. You WanNa buy buy bitcoin here. And then in your mind you would have a take profit level away. said he went doubt. Definitely sell it and you would have stop loss level where it's you know. What if it goes down going to cut this position well? TT bracket orders does both in one go and the beauty about bounties that you have to define the profit and the stop before you enter the order and so what it does is that it teaches you to really really good rhys managed traits. And no one's telling you where to put your stop so take your profits but the point is you have to define it takes motion away from the trade and so we discover T- brackets because we were playing around with ourselves and thought. Oh Wow this is the most disciplined way to trade and so what does is that. We educate crypto traders who trade occasionally or who are a nervous about crypto because of the volatility of it and we take them from that stone to a safe zone where they could actually portrays on and and risk manage it from from a from a loss and profit perspective and these are not brackets. And we've actually started a whole series of competition which star in the next few weeks around breaking competitions partitions and it's basically around our ally and volume and trading brackets and and you know and he said way of basically educating customers onto the platform to say look you. The crypto futures trading are not dangerous as long as you're disciplined and and your you set your your levels up front and I'm curious to know.

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