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By the voice of the Philadelphia bottle and the New York Yankees in Espanol Ricky Ricardo hi Rick how are you recording gentleman how are you which would you which tremendous Rick we're great you know the animal will mention some Yankees we go on but as far as the football team you'll be calling tonight they take on the New York Giants we all know what he lie manning is back I have a look at the eagles for the last four weeks five weeks as bad as they look that we say to myself you know what though they have the championship pedigree and I trust them more than I trust the Dallas Cowboys is that an overrated thing or do you look at this team even though the quarterbacks different I don't but that that is a big difference do you still trust The Philadelphia Eagles at this point zero evergreen re honeymoon is over okay the Superbowl hang over has hit rock bottom all right I I I I don't date your question I after being ahead twenty eight dot org he midway through the third quarter last Thursday in Miami to a large cliff dolphins running back up all laws without a big game everybody had nothing but that little ones I pull back that the use of the running back and they come back and beat the eagles are gonna be ours which I lost all faith in that eagle team being able to bounce back from what we're to pretty good I mean if you could consider any law good lord but the patriot games seven do they know the patriots of seventeen points the same old game they held Russell Wilson that crew to seventeen points but they couldn't score they had of what you guys are all but but you still thank you well the kana Miami they'll win there and they've got the last five games that everyone talking about the easier schedule in the NFL they'll beat the dolphins they'll run through the giants twice a week that apple is scared really only comes down to who when the cowboys game on the twenty second to win the NFC east but after watching that disaster down in Miami lance aren't they I gotta be honest with you I don't know what the heck is going on anymore Hey let's see what happens tonight one final word I can I'm gonna need your help beautiful both for you guys to get bridge call banks to do that but tonight the honorary captain for the eagles are gonna be Randall Cunningham right they're going to relive that great play tell years ago on a Monday Night Football of course of course yeah don't put him down and the ground and he gets up and goes back downstairs to beat the giants the end result is I'm gonna need you guys to try to get this call to recreate that like the night life in Philadelphia I don't know if Julie first will call is not with us today is gonna be on tomorrow so we can you know less he's listening yes that is that is that that's interesting that the that's the Kayla I love yeah she's I know the eagles have dropped a ton of passes issued a receives it off the lot of passes what's what's the deal with the quarterback because I mean I you know to me that that's the big difference it's not Nicole's quarterback in his team is because in words where is he at your mind right now you know what I'm convinced you've got the yips I'm I'm good very to a certain extent especially on on really short touch passes the last four to five weeks he's just been terrible with his touch here's a request and I'll remember the card is really under fire it will help you and you're like this what you're always Marijke grow that they sound familiar al son al son who got his first coaching job as the jets assistant back in two thousand but to outgrow micro party was elevated to all sorts of coordinator and and the political left was really you know Carson Wentz is quarterback guru it Frank right left to get that to take the Indianapolis job but he is really regressed has went as far as work is concerned decision making ability not getting rid of the football it thank you Saks but really on such passes that I was talking about this with Erin bloom just the other day comparing him for the whole family was at the game against the Seattle Seahawks and it just seems to people are and I agree that he's just lost a lot of confidence has cars what this is for guy that it two thousand seventeen before he got hurt Nicole took Robert was on his way to being the end yeah he is well we're being that guy even the last week there there has yet to be a moment where waves puts this PMR his shoulders brings them down the field does something her role work where you can say okay that was the signature Wayne for Carson Wentz we've been waiting for that signature win from whence for three seasons when you got it for Mick folded one player you are the difference is funny Derek Carr is sort of similar in terms of he looked like he was gonna be the MVP of the league he got her a couple of years ago and he's as moments but he hasn't been the same guy but the difference for cars he's not being compared by his fan base to the backup who came in and one of the Superbowl and yeah that's got to be difficult because in that city that has been so star for championships they got one from the Philadelphia Eagles and they got it from Nick Foles and whence I think for the rest of his career no matter what is always going to be compared to that and that's that's a tough thing to deal with your car so once you've got a real arcade shoulders that maintenance holes we're told is in Jacksonville or or Nick Foles is required view your way out with his children wherever it is Carson once you've got to walk around this earth with the ghost of Nick Foles on his shoulder let me tell you some on W. I. T. our sister station but you know I I do my own show there couple times a week and inevitably the conversation always falls when you're talking what mall and you know that's the number one topic that's the number one team in the city the conversation always falls back to waves versus fold it did yeah but also it it went can't escape from the comparisons to make full until cars and wait at least went up what you all gave up market Amman his old Superbowl but it only has a signature win and win big Clairol gave them this city of not gonna let him forget that his backup won the Superbowl and that he has it yet thank you we've got a feel for example like the last update the call from behind it with a big game tonight I think the weight of that we have to wait get heavier and heavier and that pressure gets bigger and bigger because of what I go by yeah you know it's funny to want to go with a rookie record of course is the radio voice of the Spanish radio voice eagles ENIAC is of course as well they've had some impressive wins I mean they wanted to Green Bay beat the Packers they wanted the buffalo beat the bills yeah I I so you you you you look at them as a well you know I mean they want to you look at them as a pretty good team and in five and seven that's crazy hold the line right that's really I went to Atlanta and also the power to the collapse of the very next week after that Atlanta went down the toilet so they then had moments where you scratch your head but the difference Joe event with this team run the football game tonight you've got that Big Brother little brother syndrome you know with sake one Barkley and that and milestones the two stand out running back from Penn state the gate what what is dedicated to run the football with doctor rieders just you know stick still running gave them well yeah read because they have given the ball to Jordan power at the mile standards and have really stuck to the run as they did against buffalo as they did against the bears if they have come out on top but when they get away from the run and start getting and when it gets to the tense up into the thirty the high thirties and forties that's when they run into issues and I'll tell you guys this market is booked right now I do you know on on my show on Saturday night and the keto told The Philadelphia fan base that the giant locker room is looking at this game like let's win one for the Gipper for see that I can see that topic a Congress to people is scared around I get that yeah that what could be his final price the night football national exposure appearance coming that wrecked the party for red cross they they should be afraid they should be afraid because they just blew game of the Miami Dolphins so they should be afraid of everybody you know the thing about the giants this year and this goes every single week it'll probably happen tonight is their defense will give up one two sometimes three monster place there will be a wide receiver wide open they'll be burned they don't have to worry about the show Jackson he's done for the year we all good Zach urge is but who do you think is the guy for Philadelphia tonight that's going to be wide open they will be anybody in the room and will be that big game breaking play because Ricky it happens every single week to this giant defense yeah well we have three boys three help me wide receivers for direct that take out your green J. R. Segel whites are the Riviera Stanford and a guy they brought up with the practice squad at university of Houston quarterback Craig war now ward had been surprisingly good that could be the guy that sweeps away for peppers or whatever the Pentagon at create that place Greg ward and the privately goods they signed up to the regular squat but they are hamstrung with only three healthy wide receivers more than likely know Jordan how to get the night so the local really you know fall on a mile standards and they brought get your job back guide you the steps hello the injuries have really taken the the the Pat Patrick J. at jockey as far as the running that that that that kind of running back is to start with this got back with the guy that would get you may be at a screen pass which sprawled injured there's there's really not much of a choice here this is going to be a battle but we take one at mile standards the eagles are limited a wide receiver that guards and the Dallas got out of the two tight ends those are the key receivers for cars or what they will say you will one that finally does something that it beers and the fan base or you'll rebuild the fears of the eagle fans come true here tonight if you are you're the best thing that's happening right now the Phillies the cowboys because I mean they just they keep losing I mean I know it's going to come down to what is a game two weeks from now next week yeah twenty second season in Philly yeah really cal boys really cool and run to the cowboys already have one win against Philadelphia so we really do have to wait about eagle night there don't be hopeful plate twice before the cowboys see the field again okay so the.

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