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All of that and lots more. And good luck to say what you want at the weekend or Monday, one of the other last race. Doncaster three 20, the sky bet handicap chase. Fusel raffles heads the bedding 7 to two with kaluki koki also go 5s about cap Nord for Christian Williams and Jack Tudor, we've got a bishi on a second start for Dan skelton and Harry skelton, 15 to two, midnight shadow for Sue Smith and Ryan mania tens and the machines for Kerry Lee and Kevin brogan is 11. I don't think it's a vintage renewal of the sky but break it down for a story. Yeah, it doesn't look good. It doesn't look a vintage renewal, but there's plenty of there's plenty of quality in it, at the same time. And you've got some and it'd be great to see the hamiltons get a big winner two weeks in a row after Thomas Oscar won the new one hurdle. I hate last week and they got nuts all out at the top of the wets, but he's vulnerable now at the edge of 11. Still rotates all his son all his enthusiasm, but he didn't have to be at his best. I didn't think to blow a microphone 5 7 October and he's been find out of higher marks since his job helicopter has at least given him a chance below his winning mark from this season. He's one 5 5 here. And dominant is a fine rider who the Hamilton has stood by and is there a number one choice when he's available for their horses. Midnight shadow of a corresponding party par whether he wants to three miles is for the band. I don't think he does similar story with fusil raffles. I don't think he wants three masks by the fact that he won the Chinese hall earlier in the season when he was essentially left a long way clear. He'd have been 30 minutes behind the winner, had everything stood up that day. And I have one of the trip. Quite a scratch, and you've got the lab rat trophy winner in here. It's more than ever really. He's never I've never really warmed to him. And I was annoyed when he won the when he won the big race at newbury as my partner in crime, desperately wanted to tip him up and I said, all my dead body that he won at 33. So Salehi. But he's a bit of a twice. He can look good on his day and indeed his second and the team you're last year as a paragraph piece of form. And his second of mine are that reads very well. But you know he's completely obsessed with 5 stars. And that's just a little bit off putting. It puts higher than a new probably doesn't necessarily stop him winning if he puts his best foot forward. But he's a little hard to predict for me. You've got it's hard to fancy the next trio janika wins revenue on some chaos on recent form. The machines get chances that there was a no risk really last time out. He lost Richard Patrick at the first fence that I'd love to just lost his feeling and landing. It wasn't really a mistake. Prior to that he'd run Iran pretty well, a little bit in the long way and then I broke the finish 5th. Beating 30 odd one of those horses was held up and the way he was read in the middle of very little chance of getting involved in the finish. His form last season gives him every chance. He'd be in my short list for this. Kevin Bruin, taking over claiming three. Robin obviously is a pretty, pretty much in demand as three Richard pantry news to machine really well. Yeah, last season's forum, I like, I like them in the lab versus trophy, but he didn't get the as I said in the run of things. You can't be held up at the back of the field in that Louis as history has shown you. But I think he's back here. And I think there's a similar sort of tactics will be a barge of success. So he's high on the short list. He'll succeed is one really good on the season came over the national fences and the beach, and that probably left a mark when I was a really tough race. I can leave him alone on good ground on the back of that. I don't think I've got to stay at this trip. He did win the Pedro Sullivan memorial, but I think his third try and not rest. You can give him a chance to handicap in charge, but I don't think he's a proper stare. He won last year hasn't really repeated the form skipping over him. Rocco popped up at 40s in the past early in the season and then pulled up next time and that was a tough full contest he was and it must be said, but his overall profile is not a strong one. Storm control was given a smashing ride by this clear Madonna collinsville to win last time. I don't know, but I thought that was I thought that was a really mature ride for any experienced writer. And I wouldn't really strong control that again. He's gone up. He's got to find penalty here, but he's still off the same handicap market as he started the season. They started favorite for a competitive handicap chase. First time at the season at cheltenham off this mark. So he's essentially ten points lower. And I thought we did it nicely in newbury. No, he's not necessarily going to get an easy lead here. They didn't get a too easy. A new briser, but he jumped better than his me and rival. That day, and he find plenty for pressure at the end of it. So he'd be shortlisted as well. I don't like her on sons in particularly. And finally on the shortness is DBC. For Dan skelton, this is only a second run for the yard. He's a horse. He's got my eye multiple times through his career and 11 year old now, but hasn't had much racing of lit. He's had breathing problems. He is, of course, a very well bred impact out of Dalai. You'll be familiar with that pedigree. No giant emmas. You mean Don Pauley's brother, who is currently based with Harry Fowler and Lauren a fellow? Of course I know who the illustrious brother is. And of course I know who this mirror is. Legend. I think hardly finder owns and partnership with Alex don't know. Alex frost, so you're suggesting. I think it might be. I think it's in punishment with Robert chug that I could be wrong there. Okay. Because the Austrian have ended up with Tim von. As often as not DBC was Tim F one until his final start last season when he had wind surgery made his debut for Dan skelton. And look the winner for a long way at santine. In that pre cheltenham meeting, but he did a bit too much in front. I familiar story. For his, for his rider, and get caught and beaten by Forrest Gump. I forgot to run a cracker. Last week, one was next race as the dentistry lad he was third also one next time out. The impression you've got was that riddle was a bit more restrictive would have won that race. That was on very soft grind, touching on heavy at sound down. Suddenly, it was certainly very heavy on the hurt and of course that day. And I DVC is one four times over jumps and three of those wins are coming good grant. He's got a bit of repetition of being a lot. But actually, three men's and good grand one win on staff suggest that actually he's going to be very much at home and the conditions are getting wind with surgery against some since he was last seen. And clearly he's a horse who's had his issues. But he's a horse who should be capable of winning good races or this kind of market. He's always had a lot of talent. And it's just been sort of thwarted through his career by one or two physical issues. I know, I'm pretty sure that Dan skelton knows that there aren't many pay days in DBC. He's 11 now. He's had as breathing problems. I think you have to get a ride first time. So this is driving me as being his fundamental target for the season. He's the kind of horse you can give me with throwing the grand national. If he wins the degrees first time, and then, you know, you're on a freebie. You know he's got the classes or cope with that to some degree..

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