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Jack Cornfield, Ron Johnson, Lincoln discussed on You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes


Hey look there you go. You got it now. We're Buddhist. Yeah Jack Thank you so much you are. You're you're like condensed milk. You know what I mean. Yeah OVER SWEET. I gotTa Yeah. Yeah Bill I mean you're the good stuff but like tight and packed beautiful. You remind me of grade teacher Ron Johnson. And I'm so glad that you're here and that you're sharing these ideas. Thank you my pleasure. Thanks to everybody who listened. Would you say this is silly but we have the final thing is we have the guests say? Keep it crispy. I tell you what it means but you could just trust me that it means something good all right and again. Jack Cornfield DOT COM. If you really want something good there you go there. It is now we're in showbiz lowered Showbiz. Thanks take care. Oh you gotta say you gotTa say keep it crispy he'd be crispy say it with the right tone of voice. Yes eight and the Jack Cornfield certified Meditation Teacher Voice. Keep it Lincoln crispy make you so much all right really appreciate it all right. Bye Bye bye. Say Fifty Chris. I'm so crispy..

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