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That is <hes> a tremendous resource of information. If you want to inform yourself so some other ways to get involved. Let's say you have an hour a week that you're willing to commit to phone. Banking doesn't matter if you're nervous on the phone you'll get used to it. <hes> there's two ways to join what we call. The gun cents <music> action network g san. They have two groups. You can call their members friendly people who are new members to the movements and tell them how to get involved or you can make the policy the legislative calls so to sign up for that you would go to every town dot org slash act and you could find a way to sign up for the gun sense action network doc as well as other ways to get involved. I wanted to also ask you about <hes> donating money because for a lot of people they don't have time that they can donate and it just makes them feel good to donate some some hard-earned cash <hes>. Where does the money that's donated. Two moms demand action and go. What does that go towards. It goes to a number of different things. <hes> we have an annual training conference. We just had almost two thousand. I was in volunteer leaders converge in d._c. <hes> it was the weekend of the two <hes> mass shootings and instead of their celebratory saturday evening gala they marched on the white house and the capitol by the way so it goes to that it goes to our local chapters because sometimes we need to rent space for a meeting. We need to print print materials create banners. <hes> we go up. Each chapter. Generally has an annual lobbying day at their state capital so we rent buses to go up there. We rent a room to organize in again our material so <hes> it goes to our advocacy work okay and training often our show is very refunding. We definitely deal with hard topics and we definitely deal with educating moms about stuff. That's going on via our articles on our site but <hes> to be able to take this. This kind of feels like a very <hes>. Proactive active step is really a great opportunity so one before before we thank you profusely <hes>. Is there anything that we haven't asked you that you think is important information or something that you would like to share. Yes what can people do today. So because of the recent shootings there is again a an outcry for legislative action at the state but specifically at the federal level and and we've seen movement among people who have opposed gun legislation in the past opening up to considering it. You need to contact your legislators. Whether it's it's your state or your federal specifically your senators because the house earlier this year already passed expanded background checks and they've got a very good red and flag bill <hes> that they will probably pass when they get back into session. We need the senate to take up these bills so i strongly encourage you to reach reach out to your senators across the country wherever you live and ask them to take federal action on expanding background checks passing red flag bills and any the other gun sense legislation as soon as you can make that outreach i just so appreciate you being here and i just i wanna <hes> also tell listeners that if you're scared you know you don't just have to sit there and your fear and you don't have to be worried about your family. Only you can gain some control in this situation and try to evoke change in the world and <hes> that is truly what america is about isn't it. Yes and i just wanna say you're doing amazing. Work truly inspiring and thank you so much for taking time diane came literally with the the day's notice so i really appreciate you spending some time to number one help educate us and our listeners but also to inspire us to do to do more yeah. I can all do more. Thank you so much for the opportunity..

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