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Is attributed to the fact that you weren't in other ones we're talking about is you're more uncomfortable is more of a sense of aid is the forty four days was more distant operation than a discomfort. I think that right I mean he starts to feel pain. The basically if you read any book about extended fasting Kinda hits notes like it about a month or twenty eight days you really do start to have the sweet taste in your mouth so I was drinking water the whole time but around dates twenty eight. I started questioning harmony and everybody there is like bill. I was like I would pour the water because at a tube and it was periods through also is like no minerals. No nothing I would have to combat at our drinking. I think like the people that supported this London Channel Four. I was thinking state. They must want this to keep going. So they're spiking my water glucose. You know I've tasted side may harmony bang bill by brother. Pour the water down to my say tasteless right now. There's sugar in. It accord the drink a mouse and. I think that they were all in August. I get like a random stranger. Let's bring him all the way up former water bowed asset. Macao water so old. The the guidebook things of what happens during the fast really did actually happen. Exact the information I had on how long I could do it for. Came from a physiologist at NASA. So he was you know they want to protect the astronauts so they do all the due-diligence all the research they look into the terrible records World War. Two things that most people wouldn't go into morally. It's our ethically so so he would really just to save actions. I say okay. How long can human actually go without food along with just water and they had really accurate. Specific notes of what could be tolerated. It pretty much worked out exactly as I soon. And what was it? The most difficult parts to that so many amazing things have been at the say. If I was doing that fast by myself it would have been impossible. Which is why. Put IT IN PUBLIC. So public all sides visible. I knew I would just have to do it. There's no cheating because you're you're exposed as a guest but if I was trying to buy myself forget the only real difficulties is little things that you don't think about like after that amount of time we've noted Fast Greenbelt my system your body's processing I held held there was barely but I help but number two in for the entire time. Obviously most of sweat through your breath and all that stuff in any you. Override it and you don't have to go over again at that race and then the only other real real difficulty I think was busy. Started become really weak. Your you know your body goes into this sort of you very stable very minimalistic and all that stuff. But your heart's moving differently is I guess from you. Know you're you're you're eating. Start to your organs. Bone mass index decrease thirty. Three saw. What happened is you know the Londoners not belonging to the media start to make this ordered forty four days this stories people would like fly like toy helicopters with cheeseburgers on Bevin bomb People would like in the middle of the night like shoot paint balls at the box and it was really cool looking like this color months by. It was like that noise. 'cause you don't think about that way. Echoes Wake up the slack. And it's but that's not the difficult part difficult part is I think around day thirty seven when I started to get. The heart started to feel like it was going to. It wasn't right right. 'cause it's decrease in size by a third or whatever it is that laws and we have those records. Afterwards I went to the house. We had the New England Journal. Medicine Oxford generally studied stuff. I gave the results in science just because most people that do these things like striking or hunger strikes but anyway so around that time around eight thirty seven thirty eight. A heart starts going. It starts getting really really difficult because you think that you're going to collapse. You know you get dizzy everything you do. Any movement and my mother passed away when I was young but Foresee died. She said to me God is love at that was the last war is that she said when she died in my arms was like I said most difficult must beautiful basically giving me but so it around that exact time I was like I said I had said mom. If you think I should keep going give me a sign. Our Bridge was in front of me over there. These could start young. David David I see them right when I said that I'm saying that exact moment in they have a rolled up wife thing right and they open it up and they start walking down towards me when they get closely they keep open up. They open all the way they're holding it like three of them. I think and it says God is love. It's like wow a third crying of it so then I and then you know. Those kind of signs is simple Winston whatever it is bass enough to keep going or if it or if the energies out they are in in you know energy is never goes something she put out there. That just happened to connect at the right moment. You know those types of things so I kept going push the endings you know like. I said it was the in. So it's like when you get the chance in the vertigo ahead at two in the box when you get the chance to just really watch the sun. Go up over the sky. Watch it a hallway up watching a whole way down and all the way around. Watch the river go up and down. It's amazing that we never get to do them. Real life administers is done with the stunt. I was in the hospital recovering. Somebody sent me a box of Harrods food. I shouldn't have be in for a couple of weeks. That's the most dangerous part it's the repeating syndrome. Which is the paper that we published was about. That is soon as the doctor who thought I was also cheating by the way and Bill wanted me to take glucose vitamins but children said no bill and I was. Right is my body's victims of starvation mode so it was in the metabolic rate change to protect but anyway so as soon as I started that like taking from the box taking the Chris Eating. You know the Bagels as soon as you do that. Animal State Returns. Everything changes then. It's like you're not a spiritual art of this music. Art Fades away very fast. So you go from like this this state of like pure war. There's no body. There's nothing the colors. The win the sky song the herbs in back into the you know the the normal world so it is something that I wish everybody could experience some is it is it and I think that's why those yogis amongst by do those long fast because they find that place for Serotonin is writing. They're brain levels known Barkan. Snow doke means a solid steady. Say and you and you find something that you could never. You could never imagine or explain what was after the after the glass box Two thousand three after that was the dust that drowned alive. The water thing. That was my favorite by far. Just the favourite across the board. I started holding my breath when I was five years old. I was on the swim team at my feet. Turn Band Single Mother Brooklyn. Ymca all the kids beating Mesa instead. Assuming like normal like them because I would just swim straight and I suddenly. I'm able to keep up because I'm not breathing and I start going back and forth and I start really. Wow could do coaches. I don't do that as I can. I can do it and I and I did do it. And then the older kids would come to see me lap. Sit Out breathing. Alice in then they would compete against me so go underwater and beat them all the older older kids side. Say listen you can go up and down as many times as the wrong. I'll stay under the whole time so I was able to while they went up and down as able to last like six of bears but they didn't know take enough going up and down and doing that. It's not as efficient sustained right. Which is what I was doing. So the breath all began bear in then I loved it and then I discovered Houdini at that age as well as readings underwater king yet a record three and a half minutes so young teen. I was able to do three and a half minutes. No problem I I'd get out of the pool blackout by the way didn't know that that's what was going on in then. Had the idea of putting a sphere shaped declaring in the middle of Lincoln Center and just living there like a human aquariums. I've been but like is a is like A. Yeah just Melania and seeing long stay so what was the longest that somebody was submerged underwater continuously with seven days? I spoke to a guy that had the record that lived under lake and he gave me all tips and thanks EXC state under five days. He's like here's what we need to do. So I kind of listen. Gyms studied what we were saying and then just did. It didn't anticipate what would happen to the hands and feet that you know. It's pretty. Pain is pretty intense because All the oils protect you leave. And then you know. The wrinkled extraordinarily beyond anything conceivable NASA and the pain that cost. Wipe it with them. Being Bat wrinkled just from expansion let stuff is crazy drinking liquids through to you know. Stay there seven. Oh another thing. You didn't anticipate son. That's fear like a magnifying glass. Big piece of glass fill water son's going to it actually burned the whole metal walkway hind out. So I I was in there for a week. My back was burnt but like not just burnt like read. I mean like like burnt burnt burnt and it stayed like that for like seven months or some you know just like it was in the pain assistant saying that. You don't think about those things and your water. So China negates it on some level until after with where did where did you end up with the bristled While I did actually with oxygenated twenty minutes and two seconds into straight breath holding I have gotten up to seven. Forty.

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