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I can never be ungrateful about it. Because there was so long Rogge's felt like I had so many things to say and no one wanted to hear them. So I just felt like I was bellowing out into the night. We've you know. No, even an echo coming back at me. So to feel like your as a writer to feel like people are reading you is wonderful, so people come speaking to me all coming up say something nice about the book is lovely. There are moments when I worry about being moments when it's really caught me off guard, and I worry about I want to disappoint people. That's the thing. So that makes it sound like make myself sound incredibly magnanimous. But as in you want to be on good form for people who are being so generous with you and. That sometimes does take you by surprise. I was out dancing a couple of weeks ago, basically altered state. Hi on life. And and I was you know, it was like three in the morning, and I was doing the site mad dogs with my best friends had this really hold. We can we really excited about going out. And just like acting like maniacs. And the girl came over and started being really intense like speaking really intensely to me about this huge heartbreak that she had. And I just felt I didn't mind tool. I was so grateful that she wants to let connected me and chat with me. But I just wasn't. I wasn't in the right head space to serve hers. I would like to. So like that that just worries me because I just want to point people is interesting that because it's almost like, it's from the Burke. But also, I think social media has made people believe people more accessible than they are. Yeah. But also, you know, all of this is my own making. I. Make myself, very visible. I shall things about my life. Not so much anymore. But I have done for a very long time. So I think that I didn't know I think you don't I remember saying to Brian Gordon once otas, it does it frustrate you that everyone thinks that they know you and she said, well, they do they do me. And I think you can't like endlessly put yourself out there and Dimond people's time. And be like, no me. No me. This is my story. These in my thoughts these in my friends. This is my taste in things. This is my opinion. And then when someone tries to make that conversation rather than transmission go, suddenly, I'm sorry. You have to respect my received. Don't know who I am. I just don't you? Don't you're not allowed access to me. I just think that's really shitty attitude. It's it's it's it's it's just a big chain. Yes. I just about. Chain. And also it won't be forever. It's just a moment in time of my life right now. Yeah, I'm just acclimatizing to is such an interesting one as well with. I remember years ago with YouTube culture and how suddenly these teenagers would just like have no private anymore, and it was like lots of owed school journalists. When I will they don't deserve privacy. They felt they did. And so I see I think they deserve. It more actually because they didn't know what they were in for the whole point is when I decided short a memoir about wanted people to read it. Yeah. I know so I've been on social media sharing things about private life and writing columns about report life since I was like twenty two like I knew if it went, well, what would becoming so it's not like this is all my own make. Yeah. And this is not what I wanted. I never wanted to be a professional personality. And actually, that's the thing that has been the worst. Part of the last year last year. But in terms of the the people reading the book, and therefore like feeling feeling like they know me or whatever in the same way that ID with everyone's memoirs who I've read and enjoyed that was always the goal. So now throw wobbly about it. Yeah. And it's nice that people feel they do. Yes. Lovely. I mean on the flip side of that as well. As something I'm fascinated with in terms of the romantic side of things as well. How how does that work now?.

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