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Changeable backs line thirty locators fastball really well I was really courage by how efficiently pitch beautifully really manager Craig Counsell this strong performance ends a tough run for Davies having given up eighteen total runs over his last three starts prior to last night's game map Polly WTMJ sports the birds fall to sixty four and sixty one on the season they're three games out of first place two and a half out of the wild card seem to teams going out again tonight in Saint Louis our coverage here on WTMJ starts at six ten G. O. Gonzalez will pitch for more walkie in football Aaron Rodgers was able to return to the practice field yesterday he's been dealing with some back tightness that kept him out over the weekend and of course in last week's second preseason game in Baltimore against the ravens Rogers expects the play the Packers third preseason game if he's feeling healthy enough to go Packers GM Brian good because also spoke with the media yesterday in Green Bay he says he's encouraged by the progress a first round pick Rashan Gary throughout camp this year everything we thought about you know Sean before we got him is the now that out there you know his his speed is power disabilities at the edge you know he's been working his tail off the Packers third preseason game is this Thursday night in Winnipeg against the Oakland Raiders you can hear of course right here in W. T. M. J. R. coverage Thursday afternoon is going to start four finally in college football the university of Wisconsin reinstated Quinn does see face to school yesterday the badgers wide receiver was expelled last semester falling out following excuse me accusations of sexual assault he was acquitted earlier this month see if as does intend to return to the football team this fall he's currently working through some eligibility issues he caught thirty passes for over five hundred yards and six touchdowns during his sophomore season at you W. in two thousand and seventeen could be a good weapon for the badgers this upcoming fall back on the football field seven forty seven at W. T. M. J. year broadcasting live from Summerfest broadcasting live from the Wisconsin state we are at docks on the fox in Waterford what a big beautiful place where you're broadcasting live out of the west Allis farmers market we are at the mire in Waukesha offers pitcher Freddy for all dates here we are everywhere at the national Lou lack convention in downtown Milwaukee Milwaukee is third ward Wisconsin state fair park we are at the wheel and strike at twenty nineteen by explosive we are Wisconsin's radio station W. T. M. J. when your water smells like a gym shoe looks like swamp run off and you feel dirty or after you shower than you did before I don't blame you a bit if you're.

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