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Ever try to try to project it onto the linked in profiles being somewhat facetious. But there's people can take this as my social media pro. That's mind if you worked for a company the here's your business card. Here's what is going to say on it. Here's uniform you're going to wear so there's part of what comes with the brand the people accept and all of a sudden like the social profile becomes this kind of that's my personal property and so i i can see the pushback sometimes but i totally agree that the company should participate in in what i profile. That's going to have somebody's company name on. It says yeah exactly and rather than being antagonistic. We're not going to. You really want to create that that that relationship that friendship that partnership because the other thing marketings gonna want everyone to do is promote the content advocates of content. And help them find new talent. All those kinds of things. You know what everybody should be participating in your right so you have. There are many elements of the whole show just on the profile because there's so many elements. There's one that you have in the book that i i really like this idea. And i haven't. I haven't really seen this before this idea of course to read as a component. You unpack that one. Yeah yeah so on on many sections of your profile but especially in the about section. What used to be the summary section if you haven't looked at your profile in a long time the first three lines show and most people start that about section or that summary section with maybe whatever. They had in their resume their goals on their resume their goal statement on the resume. And that's not really interesting to your audience. They wanna know. How can you help me. What's in it for me. The big them and the goal or the the call to read you. Wanna grab your reader's attention within the first three sentences so they click on that see more and then that opens up of course a whole lot more real estate up to two thousand characters where you can tell your audience who.

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