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In together today was not one of those days was not while driving in the car you were in the car, I was not in the car with you this morning. My own car going from my home in Madel onto the Parkway. A black cat ran across the street, which is a bad luck. Right. Usually could be couple blocks later. A second black cat now I thought to myself did those catch just cancel each other out? They were looking for you. I'm good. Third swear three black cats crossed the street in front of my car in three different locations, within a six minute. Here's what I would do if I radio man, go get under the desk. Yeah. Don't move for about a week. You don't like doing anything anyway. No, I really wouldn't do anything right now. Three black cats crossed, and I wouldn't I wouldn't walk on her any scalp. Yeah. In New York, you just be careful. The second cat. I swore canceled out the first cat. All right, we're good. Now, you have triple the bad luck coming your way break any mirrors this week. Oh, sure. Had any ladders. You got some work going on with that house spring. Lake have nine nothing. I did. No other bad luck item, Eddie stay away from this guy. There's going to be a mess of a day. I'm gonna have to get a rabbit's foot three of them. Yeah. Couple rabbit's feet. That's a tough morning dude. Yeah. You walk around. Now all day, just waiting you. Usually wait for bad things to happen. But will you walk around today, just thinking something bad will happen now more? So today, today's no, okay. I'll just not superstar, not as the black cats. I just found it interesting that having been said, I hope he don't trip today. Thank you, Jerry break your nose driving. Also, like to catch the Harris Allen, top of the hour updates. It's in-depth, right. Formative, informative in. I like to even though I knew what had happened in the Mets and Yankees games because they were really what grabbed you David Ortiz shooting. Yes. In particular, the way it was delivered to me. Harris. A settled in hit the update button, guest, we copied and pasted the same story, but I'm interested to see what you say. The thing that caught me about the thing was, I you know Harris's like oh, Tori cream pie. Oh. Todd Frazier on it. Mickey what do you think Todd? He's really on the ball, then he's like David Ortiz was shot. It was jarring. Yeah. It is this Dominican Republic. Now I went there. Stay out of there. I might not go back. This poor woman that got beaten up at the one place. Right. The David Ortiz shot. And by the way you see clubs Sunday night. Yeah. And I'm thinking something happen at one o'clock in the morning. Was he drunk? No gets out of the current eight thirty in the evening. It's shot a guy wall him and shot him in the back. God Jia was telling me that it exited out through his abdomen. It hit no a net. He'll organs major organs were hit and he'll be okay. Dad said big Papi is gonna live for a long time. Yeah. Holy mackerel. Eight thirty. Still light out. Yes. Yeah. That's a problem that threw me off settling in for a you know, once the Mets Yankees scores standing goes the slightly downhill do NBA. Kevin durant. But both David Ortiz shot in the back. Right. It's all of western. Yeah. Yeah. Not good. That was not. My Harris Allen impression is an impression of and announcing got it just random generic announce guy goddess the Yankees, they will lost two of three but a big win yesterday Jerry now they better have one yesterday. It'd be place. They would have been out of first place, the raise one again they beat the Red Sox going into the subway series, you wanna win on a high note. They met head the Mets get one. They are this far. You remember for their best best a few years ago? At city field, the Mitch couldn't win at home, and they were so good on the road and this year, they suck on the road and they're tremendous at home in this game is on the road Jerry Yankee Stadium in the Bronx. I call it Dobro through the Yanks weep. Split split a met sweep split, I think the Mets get them tonight with Vargas and Tanaka just back from paternity leave. Well, here's the facts. Early homerun from Todd Frazier, and the frightening or you may not get to ten right? We need early homerun tonight. We I'm saying Mets fan some shirt today. They gotta get Tanag early. And, and he'll be thinking about his baby. Hey might be did you read the story about the nine Yankees in the paper today, I did not? I saw very scandalous. It's not scandal. Look. Here's two things. I didn't understand about it. It's not scandalous. Actually is fun. It's about a Rod's thirty fourth birthday party. He lived twenty miles from an end. I would've thought, even the he was in Manhattan, definitely. Maybe he had an apartment but he's his palace lived in a condo and mata- one year. Right. Sure he was on the seventh floor you're building. So he was out twenty miles from Hatton. House was he was Kate Hudson at the time. Oh, yeah. And they have this big party night before a day game against the as the next day, and it talks about how the alcohols flow and they're having a good time. There's nothing scandalous about it. But they realize at one point, AJ Burnett, and see some bad theater. I in the pool they want to go in the pool era decide. With all his clothes on. He's going to cannonball in the pool not crazy. Thirty four fun, whatever. So brunettes about the follow them in the pool is this apprised me? Take a shot Joe, but Chamberlain job. Oh, John Chamberlain. He was not. Although he jumped into Joe Girardi really hardy guy that he is Joe Girardi. Here's the other part of the you tell me why you would put this in the stall rights, get whites in the book. I don't know why it's in the article David Roberts almost cried because he didn't want to go in the pool, and he felt pressure to go in the pool. Big time. Why do you put that in the article though, because it's awkward that a man we are. I thought it was weird and Phil Hughes. Fill up on the way home from the party like two, am pitch with a hangover the next day, did he do through no hitter. Throwing later but they did win seventy wells is injured interesting article, though, if you if we had a pool party who would jump in first boomer, boomer would definitely cannonball figure, boomer would be the one that we throwing all in. Yes, that's jewel, he'd go in, I. And that way we can't do anything to him. Throwing us in. Do you think Eddie get him in the pool we could throw him? Yes. The final right at his knees. John Randall style. Cut right off at the knees. And then, hopefully, you were, you would grapple them an Eddie would push them right over that'd be fun. Never happen. But. Any? Bet your, boomer being really rough in the pool. He broke your ribs in the elevator Shelvin your head under the water. He'd be the meathead that it'd be funny to see you, turn blue. I'll pick up. Make us remember our childhood when we jump off our father shoulders. It'd be boomer toss us around. Did you see the Yankee game Jerry that a woman watch the game yesterday woman, I think this was Saturday woman or Saturday, loaded bombed woman not field no jumped into the bullpen bullpen to the pitchers. How'd that go for well, the Yankees player said she was Roman around there for quite a while before anyone came together? No kidding. Yeah. It's a weird situation picture. That's definitely a dude would do that. I think that happens by more dudes, usually see, like a woman run on the field or do something like that. Then it's probably something more guy thing would do more to the kissing bandit. That's seventy think more Ganda. I think she even did it into the ages. My computer is busted in here. I would Google that forming Google more Ganda the kissing bandit if she still like they used to let her run right out and kill people. Nobody's tackling her gunning her nothing. It was set up though. It was a thing with you. Oh, maybe you would go from stadium to stadium. Right. And she, I mean she's still with us. Let's get an exclusive interview gotta be in her eighty again at eighties. And I would think she looked he was in the fifties in the nineteen seventies when she was running on. Four is that sixty. You could get them. Now I'm barely older. She's barely older than me fourteen years older. That's about it. Yes, you're fifty. Let's book more Gannett the kissing bandit, I wonder if she does appearances, but I'm sure she's still signs photos of her making out with. Who's who's Nolan? Ryan. I'm not so sure about that we do to. Right. Jerry, just there was an e sixty on her, by the way. Great. They started putting them on that ESPN. Plus no one's watching that. They've ruined the thirty thirty e sixty. Very similar, though very similar documentary. Breaking we come back, boomer, boomer is back from Venezuela, or California, wherever he was, he was somewhere where it was in California to a Washington nationals Padres game. That's right. I forgot about that. All right. So he's coming up with g at.

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