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When we lose game over businesses talk about teamwork and how their team work is measuring teamwork hell in this new business every twenty four seconds unita scored the basket or not you either stop somebody else from scoring the basket or not there's no question how good your team work was it's right there 'nother form of accountability people loved talk your business how you get the accountability being judged in scrutinized by your customers and by by the press anybody in the press any fanned knows everything i know about the clippers performance there's not one thing that a fanned no doesn't know that i know i might know a little bit more about the human personalities and that helps influence site but if you want accountability heck arfan send be deep tailed recommendations of what to do they've studied are salary tabs they know more than the agents out there at some instances accountability focused transparency there's nothing quite like sports i had the pleasure of interviewing at our sports tech summit the geek wears worst tech summit a couple of years ago and i asked you what the the key performance indicator was that you looked at most in sports and you you answered wins and i realized that the time i should have challenged you the most important kp i in sports is not wins it championships that's right that's actually a lesson i blurred the way you might optimized to win championships is different than the way you might optimize to have a good team every year they're re they're they're not identical strategies and you have to think through the difference the place you'd see that most of your basketball fan right now is the philadelphia seventy six years they've been terrible for about six years terrible terrible i mean today rib boo and now they have a young core because they were so terrible that isn't going to win a championship this year but has the kind of talent that might set the mob i'm not sure emotionally i could quite goes through that but maybe a form of that at some point forever et boston did the same thing they traded their two best players about eight nine years ago and got back draft picks and they've turn that into a highly competitive potential championship team we're here speaking with an audience of business and community leaders.

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