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I teared up a little bit. I cried a lot of movies. But this one I was like damn in the the slowness, it's really slow and quiet, the whole movie, and that's if you're easily distracted or bored by that you're not gonna like this movie. It's since it's on Netflix. It's easy to just like pop on your phone. You know, if you're bored. Yeah. If you do that it's gonna the fat finale is not going to hit you that hard because you've been distracted so much. Also, it's frigging black and white and in Spanish like there's it has a lot of things working against it in term of someone enjoying it. Which is exactly why I I walked away. Not loving as much as I knew as I could. I liked the story. I thought she'd elites did a great job. Incredible. Those two senior referencing were hard Hittin. I'll tell you that those are two of the best that I saw these movies took me like four to five hours to watch it because I do other stuff when I'm watching movies like you have to be you have to be locked in to the movie to the screen. You can't it's all subtitles. No, one speaking English. So you have to be yet to be reading along with it. In it's in black and white. And like you said it moves slow. So there's times when you look away. And then they'll start saying something important in you have to had to run it back. So that cut into my experience quite a bit. I made an effort to not have any not have my phone or laptop. I was watching. This would have been a good one to watch in the theaters. I would waited a lot more even though it's in black and white kind of the splendor of the scenes, I think would come through if you're sitting out again with no distractions. If I watch us on my side screen while doing other stuff guy. Imagine you did. Yeah. I definitely wouldn't like that as much. Did this come out in theaters? They put it out in theaters. So you have to be on theaters to be eligible for most awards. That's what Netflix is doing. Now is they're starting to put their big they're big awards show movies out in theaters for a little bit, but it's not widely available. I don't think you'd have been able to see it in a theater. But anyway, I liked it L. I I can't really articulate it because I'm not art see, you know. I'm a sucker for really long continuous shots. If base if you pull that off I'm all in some of my favorites creed a hate. But when creed goes into the ring to face, pretty, Ricky con Lynn, and you can hear the music and the fans rising, and it's like five minutes of the walk to the ring fabulous true to be better than creed. Okay. Okay. All right anyway, I like long shots. And there is a lot of those in this movie. Yes. I just enjoyed the movie. I can't totally articulate why. But I liked it the bad is that it's long, and it's really slow and the barriers to enjoying it are really high. And if you if you're the wet those getting away, you're not gonna like it. Anything else on this AB a lot of movies this year? I've noticed when going back through them had really low budgets in. This was lowest of them. Oh, interesting fifteen million most of that probably went to the recreation of quorums, childhood home. Like that was a he really faithfully recreated the house. He grew up assure just for example, Black Panther was one point three five million billion. No, no, one hundred thirty five million probably know sorry to two hundred ten million. Okay. Black panther. I I think black director along with maybe a devante in wrinkle in time to have one hundred plus million dollar budget with Ryan Kugler in that movement, yet the favourite was the favorite was also fifteen had a couple. Oh, really? Yeah. Fifteen then Black Panther two hundred was the highest you all know, the digits. Yeah. Nine point two. I gave him my ranking immediately after watching it, you know, into misty eyed. While big I like to credible. I liked it. But again, I put my phone on a different room. And didn't have in watch it on TV. I wonder if Black Panther made more than all these movies combined. I think it's probable. Yeah. Okay. All no. Because the next one is a star is born. Oh, okay. All of them except for stars born you combine it I think Black Panther. Definitely did. This is directed by. Bradley Cooper, this insane of twenty eight teen you could say starring Bradley Cooper, lady Gaga, Andrew dice, clay. I think it's still probably Dave Chapelle. Same elliot. How much did this make four hundred twenty three by pay those one point two billion? Yeah. It's been out for a full year. Two other nominations the side from best picture picture. That's actor Bradley Cooper best. Actress lady Gaga, you're telling me that lady Gaga for main actress, and Marcia is up for supporting best supporting. Actor same Elliott barely in it. Same elliott. But this is like a lifetime achievement award adapted screenplay cinematography exam Elliott doled gruff guy with the mustache. She's been the million in the movie. Yeah. His brother. He's in the same category. As -mercial Oliver, Sean win. Yeah. He's in. He's in the mood for ten minutes. Are you joking me? All right. Let's not get mad here. And this original song. There's never been a better, more obvious shoe.

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