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Answers to these and other complex questions with bloomberg quick day compared to explain topics explain simply visit bloombergcomcareers take introducing at ticktock by bloomberg the first and only global news network built for twitter twenty four seven news streaming live on twitter ticktock t i c t o c watch now what knacks right now on tuesday january 23rd bloomberg's the year ahead will be making its way to davos switzerland with a must attend lunch of offering a new and exciting addition the world economic forum week we'll talk about official intelligence of automation was deemed speakers such as sea vj are a few more of hcl technologies joined us culture quash neither electric devon wedding of ebay and many more proudly sponsored by hcl technologies for more info visit bloomberg live com ever wonder why weddings are so expensive why brexit was we all about china did you know that an economics professor uses broadway musicals to illustrate his lectures the bloomberg benchmark podcast is about all that and much more join hosts dan moss kate smith and scotland for a weekly jargonfree dive into the top stories that drives the global economy find it on the bloomberg terminal bloombergcom itunes soundcloud and whatever app you prefer to browse your favorite podcasts radio was in his hiring manager i've got to tell you the best job candidate isn't always the typical candidate sometimes they're a grad of life meet the grads of life young adults of unique determination and experience an ideal fit for your company in an entry level position internship or mentorship they might not have every qualification you typically look for but they're exactly who your company needs.

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