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On the three is what the heck is going on? It is tough right now. The expressway Jeff, first off the North bound side continues to be jammed from granted Avenue to Columbia Road. It's a good, you know, 15 to 20 minute ride from Braintree on into Boston, but the South outside is really a mess as well. First off, it is jammed South coming out of the O Neill Tunnel getting off at Mass. AP So there you want to keep it to the left. But then, after that it continues to be stop and go as well. Mostly stop between seven Hill and granted Avenue. Let's check out downtown out with Christie Neck in the WBZ NewsRadio Road report. 93 south. The brake lights appear back before the Sullivan Square down ramp and you're going to be in that onto the lower deck as well as the lever down ramp, which is all locked up heading down towards Stowe Road Drive. Zero drive a lot better than it was earlier when the tunnel over near the hat shell was shut down because of flooding. That's open again. So good news there. Tobin Bridge. Inbound is cleared out on the Charles East side. So that's good news and the flooding outbound in the city Score. Tunnel's been taken care of over at the Sumner Tunnel so little heavy at the entrance just started to get a touch. Busy in the Ted Williams Tunnel West, about one a south is still heavy down through the oil tank farms over in East Boston. Kristen AC and the WBZ NewsRadio rotor part Alright If you're heading eastbound on the Mass pike at the left lane crashed to watch out for right at Newton Corner. Expect delays. There continues to be slow going as well Due to a crash on 1 28 North Bong at Route 38 Wolverine car went off the road into the woods. They're still dealing with flooding, especially in the far right hand Lane 95 North and Just before the Whittier Bridge. Newburyport, Laurie Grandi. WBC's traffic on the three looks.

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