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David david dave dave dave dave dave dave dave dave dave dave david banner. They had everything going on like a covert and all that and you can perform and being like a singer you'd like to perform how was that for you. You know for the first to be honest. The first month or two i was happy for. Yeah yeah. Because i. I've been touring for years and years so to sleep in my bed and really get to know my house. The one i've been paying for is like this just like a closet man so was just really get to know my house and to feel my bed really really be home and rest was the most healthiest thing that ever happened. So after the two months going into the third month it was like a high talked about four months like you know should thank god on all spend a lot of owned by budget call jewelry and a bunch of stuff. I'm not one of those cats I mean if you can afford it and it's cool but thank god. I didn't do that because you know i can. I can live still live comfortable and you know have to worry about that part of it but i do worry about that for the people who've been down with my band members and all that stuff so we do what we can you know we you know giving out loans and grants and certain things that you know we applied for just something i think in your house. That was really. Don't you space everybody out of year. It was really shot. Well actually yeah. People that i saw make that move like i was one of the first people in the first the first night that we ate a eighty thousand attended cap. And yes so.

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