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Now on Fox Nation, Save 35% when you use code 35 off W A B C traffic in transit. Well, we're starting a busy up a little bit. Now. Manhattan on the FDR Drive North bound at the Triborough Bridge and Exit 17. A crash report of their westbound belt Parkway in Brooklyn and Ocean Parkway. Exit seven another rack there to watch out for in North bound on the cross Bronx at Webster Abs Center Lane blocked for yet another accident. South bound side A little heaviest folks are taking a peek the crash on the North bound side. In east bounced that now on expressway clove Road exit 13 that exit ramp. Shut for flooding. North bound van Wyk up to the grand Central. Right Leaning. Shut up to the ramp for ongoing construction work until 5 a.m. on Monday over the Hudson River Crossings. Take a pic the George Lincoln an Islander fine into New Jersey. Westbound 88 exit 58 in Paterson to right lanes or shut for collision South bound 17. Hollywood have that's another accident. In the Garden State Parkway Seeing Iraq South Bend at 1 42 shoulder blocked eastbound 22 still busy for flooding east of Fairway Drive to the Garden State Parkway. And now for our weather forecast from the Ramsey Mazda Weather Center today, Rainey heavy at times through the mid day, then quickly tapers off. Two showers ends late. Breezy temperatures near 40 degrees tomorrow. A lot of sun but cool and breezy highs at 40. And Monday partly sunny highs near 40.

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