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At four four eight nine. To twenty seven zero. Three this cider on news Okay We're back into the or he'll news. Talk thirteen eighty w. a.. Okay We got a couple of callers, on hold I'm going to get back to Todd in a. Few minutes but? What a gift strategies fall last. Holder for a minute what's my listen I got, a whole lot here let me go to. Line four and. Get tops and it's been on hold for. A minute good morning Thompson Hey how you doing I'm good how are. You this morning Hey man I'm marvelous hey, look, at here man? I need. You to help me out Coming. Up on thirty year anniversary next year And me and my. Wife. I like to get the car bat okay And what could you do for. Me So what can I put you in touch? With, somebody that can really. Help you yeah I like to order I surely Cam tell you who to go see a, friend. Of mine down at Terry Collins Chevrolet And he is immoral on Jonesboro, road And so I'm gonna, give you the number to the store but then what I'm gonna do on put your whole and get your information because then I'm gonna get, you in touch with mister. Calling. Himself the owner of the store okay so let me give you the number to Terry Collins Chevrolet Six seven eight six eight two seven one two seven one eight nine three three eight nine three three right and so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna call. Terry. Cutting himself let him know what what you're looking to. Do And then I'm. Gonna get put you to cut. I want to give yourself when about. The radio then I'm gonna put you two together and I have when I tell you I've had probably eight nine. People are sit down there to him personally and 'cause you buy two, corvettes that's something to go through the owner so I'm I'm gonna put you with him and let you get their deal taking care, and. He'll walk you through he'll probably have you worked with his brother who. Was a general manager but he'll start with you You too brother and then they'll get you taking care to order now tell you when. You're ordering a corvette and you may already noticed mirrored done your research, they don't do any discounts So you go whatever you build it out to, be when you order the specs you won't whatever those sticker. Prices are that's what you'll pay for their car so makes sure when you're ordering a corvette that you talk to. The sales make sure that the person knows a lot about their, car you go online and figure out the pieces that you won't and make sure you. Order things that are more marketable so in case you ever decide you do? Want, to. Sell it make sure you. Got. All the pieces that you need to make their cars stand out if. You ever tried. To go resell it again on, the used car market no no we're not planning on, reselling wrestlemania don't take us through the rest of, our. Life where. There you go so I'm gonna. I'm, gonna. Put your whole Somoza get your information and they now get back to you but we're going to take you. Down Terry Collins Chevrolet. All. Right now let me ask you this yes sir what that be the ball experience going up to bowling green and putting it on the track and everything will he can. Arrange that yes and if He can't he can't tear. Colon, cancer. Range that they do have it I don't remember which model that you have to buy because you got to buy a certain model. To. Do that But yes he can arrange that experience as well About like that you know do it. Right round the thirtieth year and gone up there let's put it on the track so she didn't know. Whether to do my wife ain't listening to you so making. A heart, on the rest of us out here She listening I'm hoping that's my wife not listening Okay, because you go give me in trouble say oh he'd take time for taking. Up to. The track to buy a new corvette Well you got to step up down down yes sir Man I mean put you on. Hold for you, get me in a lot. Of trouble hold on small go. Get your. Contact, information go, to. Lie to get? Gene good. Morning gene good morning dear? How are you. I'm, great how you doing this morning I'm. Doing, great Listen a couple. Of things I was talking to, a Toyota, service manager and he told me. That they, were bringing the the Salaya back never gonna be at twenty twenty release. Date probably twenty. Nine I looked it up. On the I looked it up. And they. Sell, twenty nineteen, Celaya. But it had? August tax. About you know the twenty. Two thousand three Now the service manager told me that the engine was not changing but this style you know her body style they have some you, know some changes on, it and I could see that it looks different but I didn't understand why they taught more, about, the twenty thousand three under the twenty. Nineteen I'll tell you this because this is not this information is not been released win because this is the first I've. Heard, of it and not. That I'm some great the best journals and, where but as an insider what happens is when when a new. Vehicle is being announced or when when they. Have seen okay. This is what is going to. Be usually it'll show up at the New York auto, show in l. a. auto show, auto show, in in Germany or something I haven't seen that a prototype of their vehicle show up anywhere so What happens is on line anywhere you look the only people who would be giving you information about it. Would be some journalists with somebody who has some prior knowledge of it I don't. Have any prior knowledge of the Toyotas are coming out in nineteen twenty so that. Was news to me when you said it and what. You said it I started tired when. They're trying to find it online I can't find anything about it either. So I would say it could vary. I'm not saying that it's not coming but there is no information that I am. Privy to about a coming out so I have that. That's a you're ahead of me on. This You know. Told me that I so I'm hopeful, but if you go girl twenty nineteen psolaren a teacher does come up but. You know as I. Said he hit all the writing under it Talked about the suspects from the two thousand three I. Do know, that Toyota has a Toyota Supra coming back but. I don't know about that one but hey sometimes I don't know and you might be teaching me some and I, really appreciate, it 'cause I I am going to. Call my people at Toyota, let's see. If I can get some information. About that because, I would like, to know if there is one coming Are you're gonna cry, talk about it on the radio Ray if I if you give. Me give, me something that breaking news yes I'm going to. Find out about this and I will certainly share with my listeners my second question is when you're by gap insurance How long do. It, until the vehicle is many times until it's paid off gap insurance is dependent upon. How much negative equity you have in your vehicle So if you didn't put. Any money down and you didn't negotiate down and get a really. Good deal on a vehicle I would say you keep the. Gav insurance until it's, over what happens is if you buy. Gap assures you bought a car it's only a couple of hundred bucks and it's paid for so there's no really no real need to take it all and the only thing. That it does is it covers you in case you sustain a loss to whatever you cannot be repaired and you still have a payment on the vehicle Have you still? Have. A lean by the Bank it will then cover what you old the. Difference. Between what you own and what the car is worth so what's the vehicle is paid, off you no longer have a note on it and you have gap insurance. Through your insurance company, I would cancel it as soon as they'd be paid off or probably before it's paid out the last year are part go ahead and cancel it wouldn't be any need for them. Just last question is a one time payment yes so when they put it. On your payment yes just say one. Time, payment that you pay when. You buy the vehicle okay and we're a lot of times will happen when you if you buy the car.

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