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In it and uh at that you never pass the bill particularly of this consequence without public hearings even in in in the in the 80s win no reagan past attacks our overall ivey with eighty three uh they had public hearings is unprecedented to do this without proper here thank you arlene call let me go to judge at thirteen eighty wao kedah william william you keep real without shopped thank you very much john remm shopped flawed taking my call uh my question a serb is this tax bill the they've past uh if we remember before how did it take when um the the economy was booming after clinton within the white house and the republicans came in how long did it actually take them to paint it before the whole bottom seemed like it was going to fall out and then mr obama was elected president because i'm thinking uh this is going to have that time it took me here timeframe so that we can set up a musical comforted god division as a minister the tell us about how long this report all implode because abu what to say it is the actual class warfare and absolutely class warfare i think you're right about that and i think that it here's to me uh something that we must be prepared for the uh uh what it takes in in terms of times you have to get a new congress majority in the senate and in the congress that can turn summit is surround which is why next year will be the one that is telling the do we reversed uh the majority of rightwingers in the congress and then the senate that's gonna be the counted that decides the doesn't go just automatic time is how you used the thank you for your call let's go to texas to siriusxm 126 two johnnie johnnie you keep real without shopped johny hello i don't know yet johnny lemme go to tampa florida then to.

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