Jordy Nelson, Gabe, Eagan discussed on Sunday Night Sportsline


You what are you got on the uh text lines coach honor but bunch things come in our right now and start with with this one somebody asked comparison of of david sills um is he jordy nelson tight player and jordy nelson who green bay packer really really good receiver he's got elite level speed david doesn't have that um so i'm not certain that's the aker comparison a you know that you when i see him to me he's he's a bigger version instead been bailey step did have elite level cp be rand great routes gabe really good hands on any worked really really hard any had a great quarterback at talk that was draped so i i to me that in eagan you know it's always hard to compare people speed factor david isn't you know a blazer me ease get plenty speed for the position minis not in a run in five to 40s out there anything but i don't know if nelson's a it the comparison that i would make remind you of anybody you've seen so far from west virginia standpoint air anything mm trying to think by sizes i think is what kind of throws me a little bit 64 guy i mean there's not a lot of six four guys you know the that we front across have had that that type of hans an ability to leap in west virginia's in a typically as we've seen our our best receivers in i'm going back to sean form and have been no table instead known mean they're there not huge got yeah sean was thick but was is tawes and install certainly but john didn't have great speed but he had huge hand so i mean it's interesting and it is certainly something could pick people protects us with it three or four talk three or four three or four two three seven five six four give us your opinion on that i here's another one no good win but i don't understand why it always seems that whole worsens teams never have.

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