CNN, Assault, President Trump discussed on 24 hour News


Year in junior big years for me when i turn my academics around started connecting with teachers and i started actually enjoying school and now i don't know however going to stepped foot on that place again president trump and welcome the families to listen to ideas had one suggestion it's called concealed carry where a teacher would have a concealed gun on them bill rakoff cbs news the white house cnn hosted at televised town hall last night and survivors of the shooting got the chance to ask senator marco rubio questions about an assault weapons ban if i believed that the law would have prevented this from happening i would support it but i want to explain to you he went on to say those who are committed to hurting people will find ways around laws and get weapons any way they can well the search is on this morning for the shooter who opened fire on a van on broad street in the fern rock section of the city killing the driver her passengers including three kids were injured when the van crashed kyw used jimenez reports and police headquarters police are looking at surveillance footage of they tried to identify the shooter this all happened abroad and grange and fern rocket around eight thirty last night police say someone opened fire at a van going north on broad chief inspector scott small says the 23yearold driver were struck and she lost control drove up onto the sidewalk and crashed into a building small says the woman was killed and five passengers including three kids between two in six were injured they were bleeding from their face head in various parts of their body small says they weren't shot but heard from broken glass from the shooting or the impact of the crash all her in the hospital listed in stable condition police say the shots may have come from a darkcolored car at police headquarters tim jimenez kyw newsradio kyw.

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