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We spent a lot of time on that very very sad that Sam family no shade. I just was like I was sort of quizzical as why they included in the episode because they haven't talked about it a ton the house it's not a big top point so it was a big Downer episode but you know I feel bad for Sam. So what can you do <hes> yeah okay all right so let's go go ahead and you know we have a lot to talk about as it pertains to the vote for tomorrow night has been a lot of a lot of discussion about that during the day today today a lot of stuff in the last couple of days on the live feeds and we are going to take questions later on in the show as it pertains to that so okay if you're gonNA leave us now we back on Thursday night with Caitlin Herman. Airman here in the studio to talk about the eviction episode at Ten Fifteen PM Eastern time on Thursday so be on the lookout for that and in the meantime. Let's talk spoilers the office MHM Civil Defense has issued the following message spoiler three screenings buzzer. I'M GONNA get under my wine in glass of wine glass. At least you can like grab the wind in your all down Michelle. Yes I did feel the earthquake Friday night that one yeah I did not. I didn't the one on Thursday but Friday night. I was like Oh quick finish washing dishes. Yeah surprising included that comment about who was the person who said it was like California and just just GonNa Break Off one day. Yeah don't say somebody under the table start time. Okay all right so we have our fiction coming up tomorrow and I've been paying very close attention with these live feeds. I got to join Taryn Armstrong on the live feed update this morning following a Brent Waltham on who is on the line beat up on Tuesday where we're spoiling you guys <hes> this week with us on the live feed updates but all right we are twenty four hours away from the big eviction and things were looking brighter for Chemie at points today yes they were. I can't say that that anything's changed though does still look to me like Kenney is going the main problem is that in any vote right now that has chemi stain you're going to need Tommy and or Christie and they move as the pair and they do not wish to make a move because they think that even though they would love for Kimmy to to stay and take a shot against Jack. At least they wouldn't have to do it. Kristie specifically said that <hes> the one problem is though that in voting for her to stay it would be seen as an attack on Jack much like in Big Brother Eighteen Win Vanessa sister stayed in Nepali viewed it as an attack on him the people it's one thing to to vote one way but when the person on the block is expressly trying to go after somebody who is the current head of household and you've got one vote for them to stay. It's seen as an attack and oftentimes you're more culpable in the eyes of other people than the person who eventually stayed because you're the one who did the train Christie Army. Do Not WanNa rock the boat of this. I think it's Nick and Bella and SAM would like to say it's so amazing to be watching this because then just give me like thirty seconds Robert Sam remember he had the power of veto he could have saved the better never really considered using it and then fast forward two days later. He's literally going around the house trying to round up votes to save Kenny..

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