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All live up to eleven for the penultimate episode as it's called us like okay damn like not the earth. I lived there. I definitely had the scene where they do the three d. microchip and it goes through the device zooms in spider-man's like crazy face that for sure i like back in my hand. Such a cool shot of his like crazy sweaty face. I give them some shit but honestly they put more effort into explaining the logic of the sequence than most things in all popular culture that mess around with time like they give you reasoning for all the things it does make their choice to fuck around the secret wars kind of stupid but apart from that. It's great yeah but beyond goes and says when the destruction reached my home dimension. I used all my pas to roll back. Time get taxed me to the extreme. He also then used his powers to move forward a year just for fun and then roll that back. It must have been like a pocket dimension than any just lied about it. Maybe that makes sense that. That's the only way that this makes sense. The secret words with all it from the beginning just to see a spider man was cool. Does not make you cooled. But also madame web goes and says we took you dimension and created the secret war to test you and see if we were right like did she hear spider man. she's like. Oh i like that. I'm gonna use it. She overheard him calling it. That a secret war just got dan. You were more tested but only one of you proved wedding the leader of this team you may. Yes so you can't tell who she's pointing at so of these pointing to the most powerful spider-man the one without powders why do they even have this guy. Did they test in the secret wars. And it's just like other non powered guys like shitty halloween costumes and then get a good blithering villains. Guys with guns versus unpowered guys. Now let me go and flash back to those secret war episodes like did we fuck need to go and see the lizard dead in a ditch here again. We degrom say the rebels getting pounded again and not think bad things about that line. There's no other way to take. I mean obviously. I'm not that mature so yeah fair enough. I like the Battle web and beyond her just going full over the top with their lines. air 'cause he l. silence and behold again the third goal. I think i should be home. Get the holding buddy. The only thing that gets irish by shut up is a is a strong silence and behold so that spiderman gets his like all right. I'm the leader. Look at me. let's go beyond her. I was pissed you. But now i feel bad. Because i didn't know the whole story and he's like all right spiderman. Let's roll out. Fuck spider rock. I don't know maybe he's intimidated by the fact that the no powered spiderman is 'jocked. He's just like what are the guy who's sucks. He doesn't get to come. We'd better get going. What about him. He doesn't have any powers. Let's leave this nerd behind seeing nerd lowers. Do you dork. Pocono like huck just started with the fuck inspire the tentacle or just just the bunny ears behind his head with it but the gusto at which spiderman kicks down the boarded up window. It's like a group of drunk dudes agreeing a hit up at mcdonald's. Let's go all right boys yell. It's like throwing desks. Punching narrates exco t x g rockstars bucket hotel room. Paul right boys cocaine heads just right jack. Over crime central the kingpins might discuss their alliance with the other villains. Who arrive right on cue. It seems spider carnage is telling everyone that they're creating a mind control device with which they will conquer the world however nobody trusts the obviously unhinged monster and they begin working to undermine him even as he completes his ultimate weapon. Oh good we've got kingpin smyth again friends again in this universe. but he's also still ultimate slayers. Smythe so i don't think they're the best then that they must have had like a making up process to be a fly on the wall for that conversation kingpin with barcodes. Be bygones kick. You will my very best employer. So i would like to be your employees again. If we only knew who was responsible lasers bottle when they walk in the goblins are like we ran into the other spiderman and then kingpins reactions is like what shut up goblin. I wanna hear from spider carnage. Hush delayed we ran into another spider. Man what is this. All about by carnage sputtered. College what happened. Oh okay buddy. I wanna hear i to hear this news as if it's coming from a circus clown spider. Courage go the bad news in a good way. The way that this black spider carnage is so clearly evil and had save and everyone is doing that. Like yeah okay. Whatever you want buddy like. It's the dirig- hobo on the subway like you're trapped with his first. You have to just laugh and agree with the whatever they say. Because you don't wanna get stabbed in the face. He says the quiet part loud device will be ready soon. And we'll really get what you deserve us. Everyone's like a. What yet. Definitely not i agree. Let's kill him kingpin. I'm not sure if this is what he says. Here's a compliment or an insult coming from him. Keep an eye on him as a powerful ally but he is more evil than anyone. I have ever encountered while even king pink and see that. This guy's fucking unhinged kingdom is noval. That's true yeah. Because he goes until smith devices is building. Is it what he say. Cities fully fourball gig. Kingpins doing the fucking stage. Whisper of like the goblins are right there. They can hear you. I mean i'm sure that they don't wanna get killed either. They probably want to know what's going on. It's not going to be great for us when he decides to turn on and on so. The spider squad launches their salt on crime central. Now busting in the front door. Attempt to ambush spider carnage. They're caught on security before they can disable it in a fight breaks out by the goons and hob goblin. The different spiderman. Make use of their powers and gadgets but runs some problems owing to their different philosophies arm. Spidey is gassed by own team in the beyond brings him away to safety to.

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