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To. Hummingbirds until next, spring's seventy nine degrees and partly. Cloudy I'm Henry Davis and here's what's trending at eleven oh three summer is almost over and hummingbirds are. Preparing to kiss. The mid west goodbye for the winter don't fret though you'll have the opportunity to see them off today. Between ninety and five PM at the hummingbird migration celebration the event will take place in connersville Indiana at. Mary grey bird sanctuary hosted by the Indiana autobahn society you can expect to learn about the birds like ways to attract him and what you can do to make, sure they come back year after year activities, include demonstrations, allow you to view the birds. Of close guided nature walks, kids activities and much more a school safety task says Indiana should spend, an extra six million dollars a year on school safety Eric Brummer reports Indiana's. School safety ground fund reach nine million dollars this year plus a one time boost to. Five million more after, the school, shooting in parkland Florida the task Forces recommending fifteen million a year and says there should be changes to a matching fund requirement the group says many schools. Haven't applied because they don't have the money for their share Eric Berman. Ninety-three WABC mobile, news in a man crashed into. A convenience store last night in he died but it doesn't seem like the crash was what killed him. Officers were called. To the village pantry on St. avenue when they arrived they found the driver of the SUV suffering from. An injury that appeared to not be related to the crash he was taken to the hospital where he. Later died police have now released any information about the type of injury had nor his identity now here's a now here's your forecast from the American standard calling weather, center pretty similar weather coming our way both, today and, tomorrow we'll have a mix of. Sun and clouds throughout the, day temperatures that will make their way into the middle eighties and just, an isolated chance for a passing shower storm I'm RTD six meteorologist Kyle mount. Henry Davis on the level on a go on Twitter at ninety three WIBC and WIBC. Dot com Hey you know if your house get talked to you what would it say it's.

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