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Okay okay step one clip for you in this situation it's certainly not me not you am i able to do this legal contract with just a clipboard i don't need i mean like it seems like that's the only thing i need for a legal i don't need a pen or a computer or is easing al weston okay this is two different steps one is get the clipboard yeah and then i guess there's another step so for scratch sca old step two okay new step two is put the clip or down forget about the clipboard for a little bit okay thank you okay step three would be go to your computer yes okay step four open up a word processing application yeah changes yeah are a lot of our people are paid is devote okay clarice where he's not clarice works okay if i use pages as anybody with open it when i send it to them well you might have to you're not they're not going to need to open it open pages draft a legal contract saying that you will tell twenty people about hollywood handle yeah sh oh that is so viral but it said but say but they have to say certain things about it that is so delicious they have to say that it's that they love it good yeah they can't just be like this is the thing you know like like it's a podcast it's very jointed they don't seem to prepare and like well supposed to dedicate my time to them i don't want them willing say that it's so insular and that they'll do entire episodes that are dependent on me having seen a tweet from another podcast and otherwise i'm completely at sea for the length of the episode and not somehow comedy like it's feels like they're limiting their audience and then complaining that it's not big if they're saying that as a result of this legal contract then the contest is having the opposite effect.

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