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All rights are reacting to the massive breaking news. Perkin Rosenthal, of course, covers MLB for The athletic cardinals have agreed to acquire Nolan are Renato from the Rockies. And the deal, of course, is pending approval. He also tweeted out recently that it will be unlikely to be official tonight. And maybe even not this weekend are about a will need to formally waive his no trade clause and this opt out after 2021. That also has to be addressed. So he says, approved from L B and the union is also necessary so that a massive deal on according to Ken Rosenthal, the Rockies look like they'll be sending 50 million in the process, so they're losing their cornerstone. Arguably one of the best third baseman of all time. They're also sending 50 million and they're getting back in what is being sort of an expected trade. We don't know the official names just yet because it can roll the Rosenthal throughout a few names, and they have a combined, I guess. 100 wife 25 innings worth of actual playtime. Austin Garber's the guy that's actually played the most of this group. He's a lefty Lucan Baker for Spacemen outfielder John Tourists. Hey, said he could include righty Jake Woodford and writing Angel Run, Don't But right now that Z kind of what this is sort of shaping up, and none of these prospects, by the way, are in the cardinal's top 10. Of their farm system. Yes, this is absurd. You basically traded If this holds you basically traded again the best third basement to play the game all around third baseman to play the game. Since Brooks Robinson and you pay them $50 million to stay in the National League and get back to guys who have 120 combined innings of major league experience and no top 10 prospects from an organization that's pretty rough. That's about as bad as it gets. But again he had the 2021. He had a chance to walk away from everything the Rockies get nothing, so I think in their mind It's a desperation move. They were thinking to themselves and look at me were found a month out from this thing starting up, so they're probably the mindset. I'm not. I'm not defending him. Probably the mindset that if they don't do something, now they get nothing in return. So you leak some of the talks on this and get other teams to the table. The massive contract and tell me you think the only team that's interested is the Cardinal's nowhere. Renato in his prime, of course not. I just man and they kept him in the National League. People say I don't criticize anybody. So listen up. They got embarrassed on this one. This is worse than this is worse than the Texans and Nuke Hopkins. Significantly worse. Yeah, We're getting a lot of Bill O'Brien, Texas. Our Texas like this is a joke. It's embarrassingly bad. A lot of people are like that. What did Bill O'Brien as he managing the Rockies from Jared? It's good. Yeah, they're, uh, This is a tough one for Rockies fans around. No, no questions is a tough one. All right, we'll take a step side of that coverage. But of course you could hit us up on the Texas side with reaction will get back to it in a little bit 56690, But we head out to the hotline and bring on Broncos offensive tackle Calvin Anderson joining us here on Broncos country tonight, Calvin, You're always right. Edwards and Benjamin. All right. Thanks for holding on, man. How are you? Ryan. Ben, I'm doing good man. A lot of Broncos country have to be on here talking to you guys. Yeah, we're thrilled to talk to you. You know, one of things that I hadn't had a chance to ask you. And of course we If we had locker room access this year would have been one of the first questions I would have is what happened The morning of that Carolina Panthers game. What went through your head when they hit you up and said, Okay, by the way. You're starting left tackle because there is a difference. There's a difference of prepping all week for the possibility and then legitimately finding out that morning. You're playing what happened there. Yeah, It's crazy. The amount of times I've been asked this question. And you guys imagine that the person who actually told me that was gonna be playing was Mike Munchak. So one of the most calm and still the guys I know. And he calls me the morning of probably With his mind racing obviously about it, not anticipating he was gonna wake up toe learn this left tackle is gonna be out. So he calls me about 30 minutes before we head to the stadium on the bus is that Hey, Calvin, Um Did you hear the news? Because me and Gary are pretty close. So he was kind of out of, um, take care was gonna be out because he was sick. So I hadn't heard anything yet. So he I was like, no coach. I would have no idea what you're talking about. Like Well, you're gonna be starting today. I mean, the mean. Luckily, Coach prepares assaults where, Um, In any moment, you guys you know, slide and all these guys like at any moment. If we do have to play, he's he's fully confident in us. But there is still like a probably an hour and a half period of shock. Where I really was not, um not understanding how real the moment Woz and I think once I got to the stadium, I kind of took it in and understood that. Hey, This just went from, you know What my normal role is every week, Tonto giving this a chance to win my starting at left tackle. Now they're bulls was a little upset because he wanted to play. You know, he went to play in this but at the same time like he was your biggest cheerleader, didn't you? Didn't you reside with parables and his family for a little while? Yeah, me and get it actually live together this season. It was a decision we made early in camp because of because of the uncertainty of the season would covet. And then it just kind of stuck. And, you know, I had a good relationship with Natalie and the kids, and it worked out perfectly. So Yeah, I get Even though he was so upset that he didn't play..

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