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I don't want arms. i'm i'm perturbed about the growing anger. Liz cheney for her vote to impeach donald trump the calls in the republican party for her to be kicked out of the party. While you have matt gaetz going to wyoming to campaign against her and it's the elections not for almost two years. But so there's all this outrage over liz. Cheney and the other nine republicans with some conscience who voted to impeach donald trump in the house as he deserved to be. He incited an insurrection. It's instinct somebody else. Called an under on tv today to these are professional speakers. They got paid to speak insurrection. I know that election is on men's minds. A lot but insurrection anyway. they're all up in arms over liz cheney and the other nine but the where's the outrage over marjorie taylor. Green including repeated denials. That joe biden was actually elected reich. She's still. She wears a mask on the floor of the house. That says that says she's that says that says trump one. What is she did. I i'm just yeah. I know omnipresent people on twitter or correcting language too. I just opened up the twitter. Page ubiquitous omnipresent. That's what i meant anyway. I wanna see the outrage. But there is not so kevin. Mccarthy is supposed to talk with her this week really. He's going to have a talk to with her. What's he gonna say. Keep up the good work. Just keep it on the down low. This woman is evil but a but he she had a phone call with. 'dear leader this week that she's bragging about on the interwebs she had a perfect phone call with donald trump. We are living in opposite world. And i know you've heard me talk about opposite world before but this is it and why the hell is joe biden bending over backwards to appease these people. That's what i would like to know. Marjorie taylor green look. At least she got us off of the low. Lauren bogert in the madison caufield creep boyens who are also infecting the halls of congress. And i'm sure there are others. But those are the three worst of the bunch. I write my blood pressure. Went to the doctor on friday morning. Had doctor's appoint my blood pressure was perfect. It was like one ten over seventy. I don't wanna take it now. Because i'm sure it's much higher so we're gonna bring it down with a little ditty that that fits the topic this is from our new friend. Burst w nelson who also goes by Mangy felt bottom or something like that. I always get it wrong. But it's my old age. It's my memory anyway. This is Bruce w nelson with a little song for marjorie taylor green. Sing along if you like. It's fine with me. All right bruce. Take it away here. We go deep.

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