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The last half hour we shared our conversation with two time Oscar winner Hilary Swank. And the director of her new movie, Chicago's very own Deon Taylor. Very interesting conversation. Not only about this nor thriller that they do, but I think also very, very interesting. About theaters opening up in the future of whether or not we'll be going back to theaters. What they both had to say was, I thought very, very interesting. We'll post that up on the Web, so you could watch that later. Hillary in this movie stars with Michael Ealy. Been in a whole variety of films, comedies, dramas, just everything. I mean, this is an actor who could do a lot in this movie he plays. Sports agent goes to Vegas with four bachelor party has a one night stand, returns back to his home and wife on whom he's just cheated. And that night. There is a home invasion and the detective who was investigating the home invasion is the woman from the one night stand. And she ain't going away. She's just is not going away. It's very fatal attraction like I don't think it's quite as solid Azaz fatal attraction, but it's still a good movie. I still enjoyed it, and I certainly enjoyed their performances in this movie. And we talked with Hillary and Dion on the zoom. Likewise with Michael, he'll think I'm gonna start calling you Chameleon man because you put Michael Ealy into any kind of genre any kind of role you knock it out of the park E mean, is that your intention when you choose your roles? That might have been the highest compliment I've ever received. Ever genuinely appreciate that. Thank you. Because You know you try. That is kind of the That's the goal, right? Like, you know, you know the actors that I respect growing up and that I still respect to this day are the ones that You might not necessarily be movie stars, but are able to kind of just blend in and just do anything you know, like a Philip Seymour Hoffman or don Sheetal type of actor like those guys, I just I just love them so much. And so that chameleon comment like that is that is Thank you. Thank you. Yeah, that that Z by design. You know what? I'm gonna throw a couple of other names into that mix like a Tom Hanks. I just watched him to a western, which I never saw before a Jimmy Stewart who did comedies and dramas and everything but he CEO I'm And you are you are you are the You Know the guy here, my friend. That's appreciate that. I mean, you know You know, I'm just trying. Tomo. Obviously you want to bring your a game And then when you work with Hilary Swank, you want to try and bring your double a game. Uh, and, you know, I think she's uh, She's phenomenal. She's so intense and she's so like Dialed in that you know you You have no choice but to show up on Bring it. What does that mean to you? When you you know when you go into any movie, really, and you're acting partners in the movie If you're working against the two Time Academy Award winner does that Does that mean something different to you? I think the key is to not be intimidated by it, right. You know, I think accolades can sometimes separate us. And you know, at the end of the day if we're both on a stage and we're both on a set We birth. We both earned the right to be there, and we should act accordingly. Now, none of this was a problem with Hillary. Hillary doesn't act like she's above anything. She's very much a giving actor and very dialed in and very human and normal and it was fantastic to work with her. On Again If I'm not intimidated by you, then I know I'm in a zoo long as I'm giving the space and I could breathe and play. Then, hopefully we we jam well together, and it just becomes like like jazz and a lot of ways, And it just becomes much more fun. Much more fun than anything else..

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