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Indeed have a nice list of birthdays. Today is the twenty ninth of March twenty twenty locked out the shuttle's happy birthday tour at. She was very clear her hot sexy husband. John T shuttles celebrates tomorrow. Sir Moses Mozambicans as happy birthday to Scott Shelburne birthday today Dame Zelda to our best friend and better half sixty six tomorrow James Scouts and and David Doyle returning fifty five and Maryland Madden says. Happy Birthday to Jay who turns forty five on April second. Happy Birthday for everybody here. At the best podcast in the universe agree we have one change and that was thanks to really extremely generous donation from Sir Mittens of Fall City Coupes by adding. I'm out of control here by adding. That was very interesting. I thought it was Kinda noisy by adding to his Total support of the show. He becomes a viscount today. Wow that must've been sounded really interesting. All those jingles playing at the same time one nine. It's always nice to have nine although this will be a social distance lighting so it's virtual can't actually clap the sword on your shoulder but here it is Johnny Adair Mind Virtual Jeffrey Felix. Come on up to the podium. You Sir about the coming night of the no agenda roundtable. Thanks to your support of the best podcast in university amount of one thousand dollars or more and you are now joining that Fantastic Group of Knights and Dames I hereby pronounce. The Sir. Red Patch of the Texas rang for you my friend we have hookers and blow. Red Boys Chardonnay. We've got to keep those in Tequila Kebab and Persian wine. Geishas and Sake we got a pepperoni Rosen. Pale Ales Ginger Ale and Gerbils bond hits and Bourbon breast milk and Pablo more. Everybody's favorites always here at the table. Mutton and meet. Thank you for your support. And GO-TO NO AGENDA NATION DOT com slash rings and Eric. She'll some basic info and we'll get that off to you as soon as possible. We have new ones coming in very excited about that. Getting everybody the rings and I see some ship during this lockdown also. Very nice divorce dot org slash aid to support the show value for value. Whatever you think it's worth let us know and Notice for the affiliates of all. We're going long well. There was one thing I wanted to discuss with. You is quite interesting. We just weird things happening during this time and some of it is like the Maduro thing. It's a weird time to do that. Some things are just kind of odd but what happened The other day is this.

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