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A recent transplant oh the subject is you call that a radio show as a recent transplant to utah was looking for some good morning radio and judging by what i read in city weekly i thought your show would be a good place to start i started with the x ninetysix website so i could put a face to the voice what a mistake i do have to admit genus pretty hot once you get past her i think it's grunt or it's a really nasty word isn't it is that something else or did he just leave out the are i don't know i think we'd better just move on once you get past her capitalized capitalized and it's grunt without the are the c and the g are not necessarily close enough to make that mistake so anyway he must have meant to put in grunt okay i do have to admit gene is pretty hot once you get past her grunt and that nasal voice of hers nobody wants to hear about jones e and festus every time i hear his name it reminds me of an using sex sore isn't that a nice thing to say about someone yeah and when she talks about her husband i get a visual image of her being hugged shag let's say he uses another word by jackie chan jackie chan oh my god i can't take it anymore i'm getting a serious subscription to satellite radio so that i can get a laugh in the morning you might want to consider getting one yourselves maybe you can steal some bits from him to beef up that dog salk show of yours and him he means our our stern even does he referenced in later on but howard stern is on sirius satellite radio so maybe you can steal some bits from him to beef up that dogs talk show of yours and he doesn't say dogs about your show is ass and definitely not funny you amateurs trying to be outrageous and edgy just doesn't work we're not outrageous no we're not trying to be leave that genre of radio to a professional like howard stern i mean come on someone has called in and we probably ought not of read that on.

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