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I actually had someone tweet tweeted me the sporting about Brownback in coal, you're leaving Kelly with a surplus. Well, that's not quite accurate. It is true. She came in with one, but it's partially because the legislature forced that to happen. Bobby emailed. How would the governor compares Sam Brownback tax cuts with the Trump tax cuts? Brian. What's your take? They are similar but not identical. A lot of the same thinkers, Stephen Moore. Obviously who's been in the news this week because the president plans to nominate him to the Federal Reserve. Had was influential in crafting both the Trump plan and the Brownback plan. The Trump cuts aren't quite as aggressive when it comes to these cutting taxes on business owners. But overall, I think there are a lot of similarities in the philosophy. And that's one thing we saw over and over again is Democrats were winning to Kansas as a as a warning sign to Washington and say, look, this is what happened when we try the supply-side economics. Remember being at a town hall where Claire mccaskill was crossed the river from Kansas since they look over there like we don't want that to happen. I wonder what she thought of her answer about the electoral college Joshua wrote on our Facebook page. I'm amazed at a governor of a flyover state, which support ending the electoral college Kansas will not fit into the national scene. When it does not have a vote in the presidential election, Kansas has six electoral votes right now. So it would still have that piece of its say. But what do you make of the governor's answer about the electoral college? I actually I'm not surprised with it. I think it's what I would say is there are a lot of cans into who feel who feel disenfranchised by the electoral college, even though obviously the electoral college gives more weight to small states overall votes. If you are say, a democrat who lives in Kansas who lives in one of those bluer pockets, you might feel like your vote doesn't matter because you're in such a state that is a Republican even if you live in a district that has democratic leaning your vote doesn't doesn't end up being counted at the national level. So if you can think about the Kansas City area where you have the border between Missouri, and Kansas cut through you have a pretty democratic area to congressional districts that went for Hillary Clinton in the last election, but are both in states that went by double digits to Trump. So I can think for voters in those areas they'd like to see it. I mean, I can I can understand why why she said that I would also say Kansas doesn't get a lot of attention right now. Come the general. Action. It's it's pretty well. Assumed that it's going to go Republican democrat hasn't won it since Lyndon Johnson. And so right now, you're not seeing candidates come to Kansas and the general election. You do see candidates come to Kansas during the Caucasus which happened. You know, not not immediately do happen fairly early in the year end, Ken matter. That's when we see candidates come to Kansas, but the general it's pretty much written off Allison wrote on our Facebook page. I was so happy to hear governor Kelley discussed the importance of progressive ideals, keeping young people in Kansas and attracting young people to move to Kansas..

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